Confirming Joni Ernst’s Claim That Obama Looks Like A Dictator

Iowa GOP Senate candidate Joni Ernst — the second coming of Sarah Palin — has got the ol’ foot & mouth disease – just like Palin. A couple of days ago she insisted that President Obama was a dictator – just like Palin has. Evidently someone – probably one of her advisers – suggest she not be quite so bold as to actually call Obama a dictator. So yesterday she attempted to back that down – without much success.

Ernst claims she didn’t actually call Obama a dictator — she insists she simply said he looked like one. But what’s a lie or two to a Republican these days?

With Ernst’s ‘change of heart’ in mind, I give you the image farther below. When you scroll down to the image, I challenge you to find any resemblance between some of the world’s worst dictators and President Obama. I know it will be a little difficult, but look very hard — and you might just see it.












The ‘Infrastructure’ Scam

infrastructureSince nothing else is working, conservatives and Republican officials (with the help of a few Democrats) now feel they have an iron-clad plan which will open the door for their wealthy corporate friends to not only avoid being punished for their tax-evasion criminal acts but will actually reward them for doing so.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been warned by the Obama Administration that money was running out for highway construction. All 50 states have been sent letters advising them of the situation. This is no surprise – an entire book could be written about this impending disaster, as experts have been warning us for two decades about the urgency of rebuilding our infrastructure. But if you want to hold the public hostage for blackmail, this is a great example of how to do that.

Over the past few years corporations have created ways to avoid paying US taxes including hiding their profits overseas. Since they got away with it, more and more companies are now doing it. And when you own the government, you have no fear of being punished. All you have to do is make the public think you’re doing them a favor.

Corporations have begun pushing Congress to fix our “crumbling roads”. They have two goals in mind: Get the roads back in shape so they can more easily distribute their goods and services; and to “make a deal” with the government to supply part of the funds for repairs through offering to pay less than one-half of what they owe the government in taxes — if the government will agree to let them bring their tax-evaded profits back home.

This idea is being pushed on CNBC this morning. I can’t lay my eyes on the video just yet, but they had a GOP Congressman on this morning who was strongly advocating it. CNBC is feeling so confident on advancing this criminal act, they’ve even prepared a video on how companies can avoid paying US taxes [yet still enjoy the full protection and benefits of being a US company].

This tax evasion by American corporations cost the government upwards of $50 billion each year – a shortfall the average tax payer has to either make up or suffer the consequences of not having enough money to run the country.

Of course, there’s always the big sham that companies will invest that money which will create jobs. That’s proven to be BS — corporations use their repatriated money to buy back their stock, pay out huge bonuses to corporate executives and board members and pay out dividends. Tax cuts and such do not create jobs. Repatriation is simply “the mother of all corporate tax loopholes”.


Hobby Lobby Collateral Damage Begins

religious freedomWithin 48 hours of the GOP’s activist Christian-right Supreme Court ruling against ‘the people’ in favor of corporate rule, the fallout has begun just as I and many others predicted.

First, do you remember that “narrow” opinion that bought-and-paid-for justice Samuel Alito claimed, meaning the ruling was strictly for the type of contraceptives Hobby Lobby was concerned with??? Well, scratch that. Obviously Alito and his criminal allies already had a plan that would dub that “narrow” ruling “bullshit”. They’ve ordered lower courts to expand that “narrow” ruling to all other types of contraception.

Plan 1 accomplished.

Plan 2: Religious organizations have already taken action to become exempt from hiring LGBT people. They do this “vigorously”.

Plan 3 through infinity: They’ll come rolling in like a 200-foot tidal wave with the same destructive results – immediately following approval of plan 2.

Welcome to the new and bold right-wing idiots’ Dark Ages!

dark ages