Proof Of Biblical Quote: ‘Money Is Root Of All Evil’

moneyistherootRelative to defeating ISIS, there is one strategy that the entire world agrees will work: Cut off their money supply. There’s no question about the effectiveness: it will always work. Without funding, they will be silenced. That being said, we should apply that same strategy to our domestic terrorist:

New Filings Show Koch Brothers Give Millions To Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Groups

Problem solved.


751: Days House of Representatives Not Working Over 3-Year Period

congress in sessionUp until around 1815, members of Congress worked part-time. Some say it was because they weren’t paid a salary thereby needing to get back to their paying jobs; which was partially true. But the fact is there just wasn’t enough work for them to do. Therefore, they came to Washington, did “the people’s” work and left.

My, my, how things have changed — a little.

No one would disagree that in today’s world there’s plenty of meaningful work to keep Congress busy for many more days than was needed 200 years ago. However, the evidence shows there certainly must not be enough for a full-time Congress.

The Republican controlled House of Representatives recently released their calendar for 2016. They will be in session for 111 days leaving them 254 days to — to — well, whatever. Yes, some of them have committee meetings to conduct and/or attend, but that will not account for very many days. So what are they doing with their “time-off”?

Yep, I figured you’d blame it on election year which requires a lot of campaigning. However, last year was not an election year and the House was in session for just 22 days more, giving them 232 “off-days”. In 2013, another election year, they spent only 100 days in session.

So by the end of 2016 the House of Representatives will have spent just 344 days in session over the past 3 years with 751 out of the Chamber. Suggesting, of course, they spend only one-third of their time doing the people’s work.

However, there is one thing that Congressional members spend a lot of time on: Getting re-elected. After 10 years in Congress, GOP Representative Rodney Alexander left in 2014 saying fundraising dominates the life of a member of Congress.

“…that’s an unfortunate part of the business that we’re in. But it’s the main business, and it’s 24 hours a day raising money.” [Bold mine]

That aside, they have too much idle time on their hands and that’s where the real problems come in. That time is spent finding ways to screw the commoner at the behest of corporations and their wealthy friends, and to make the opposition look bad. If they insist on Congress being a full-time job, they should be treated like sailors at sea: Put a broom and mop in their hands in order to keep them out of mischief. As the old saying goes, ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’.


Cell Phone Robocalls Began With Signing Of Two-Year Budget Bill

robocallsBefore Representative Edolphus Towns (D-NY) retired in 2012 and Representative Lee Terry (R-NE) was voted out in 2014 they teamed up in a “bipartisan” deal to introduced the Mobile Informational Call Act of 2011 (H.R. 3035). In effect, it says “To amend the Communications Act of 1934 to permit informational calls to mobile telephone numbers, and for other purposes”. Translation: Allows robocalls to your cellphone. But the bill never made it out of the gate — until now.

The bill, as an amendment, was slipped into the two-year budget deal (Title III) recently passed by the House and Senate which was then sent to President Obama who signed it into law. It was made possible by the right-wing rhetoric over the “massive and growing national debt” (which the GOP built). How, you ask, does that have anything to do with the debt?

The guise of the amendment is to assist in “collecting debts owed to the United States government”. So your first reaction might be “good; make’em pay back my tax dollars”. But you may want to think again about that.

Although a good portion of the debt is student loans, the new law “would [also] apply to any debt owed to or backed by the federal government, including mortgages, VA loans, farm loans or back taxes”. Furthermore, over the past two years about two-thirds of the attempts to collect were from people who were not in debt to the government. That means you and I could very well start getting those harassing robocalls on our cell phone robocalls even though we don’t owe the government a penny.

But it will get a lot worse.

Read again what the Act actually says: “To amend the Communications Act of 1934 to permit informational calls to mobile telephone numbers, and for other purposes”. “Informational” and “for other purposes”. Translated, that means just about anything anybody wants to solicit from you anytime, day or night. Pity the folks who have limited minutes contracts.

So who benefits from this. Well, we damn well know it ain’t us commoners. It’s who it always is — the big-money folks who hand out campaign money to our “democratically” elected officials.