Interim Host Andrea Mitchell Portrays What’s Wrong With ‘Meet the Press’ (Videos)

With the exit of NBC’s David Gregory from Meet the Press, there’s been a lot of talk and discussion on why his show was such a failure. No doubt Gregory blew it, big-time. Now we’ve got Chuck Todd heading over to take Gregory’s place. Will he, too, drive the next nail in the coffin of Meet the Press?

On the 17th of this month, CNN had guests Jay Rosen, a journalism professor at New York University, and Frank Seno, the director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at the George Washington University, to talk about the problems with Meet the Press (Video below). The following are some (paraphrased) points that were made.

  • David Gregory forgot he was supposed to be on the public’s side. The host needs to be the surrogate for the audience.
  • If you’re going to talk talking points call it “Greet or Meet the Talking Points”.
  • Political guest come in to set the tone, therefore it was about what the guest wanted to talk about, not the host.
  • Sunday shows seem to be about the “500 movers & shakers” in Washington, not the hard core audience for politics which exist around the country.
  • Chuck Todd is too tied up in the “inside game” and should view the problems in Washington as DC journalist being part of the class who has screwed up politics.

Regardless of Gregory’s personal objectives in hosting Meet the Press, he almost always came across as favoring the conservative side of politics. In the Old Man’s opinion, that is the root cause of journalism today. So can we expect Todd to do a better job? I strongly doubt it. You may recall that he once said it was not his job to correct falsehoods. However, if you look back over some of his history, he seemed to have selectively used corrections, but always when those falsehoods came from the left.

Todd officially takes over Meet the Press next Sunday, but meantime Andrea Mitchell is filling in. Today she had Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein as one of her guest (video below). It didn’t take long for Mitchell to confront her with a conservative talking point.

About President Obama’s recent comment about dealing with ISIS - “we don’t have a strategy yet” - Mitchell asked Feinstein if that didn’t project a weakness from the White House, to which Feinstein responded with “I know what you want me to say, but I’m not going to say it in that sense”. Mitchell reacted by tilting her head in an ‘oh, my! Whatever do you mean!?’ jester, twitching her eyebrows, and a look of despair.

The last guess of Mitchell’s show was none other than Chuck Todd (video below). To sum up the interview, he and Mitchell both are blaming the voters for the problems in Washington while accepting no responsibility at all. In fact, Todd said to the voters, “If you have a problem with Washington, look in the mirror.” I suggest he and his colleagues need that advice more than the voters.

(Crooks and Liars have some great advice for Todd and other journalist. Check out their eight great point.)


Wall Street Backs Off Oil, Prices Plunge. What Does This Tell Us?

Over the past 6 weeks crude oil prices have steeply declined, resulting in a drastic lowering effect on the price of gasoline at the pump. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) dropped from more than $105 on the first of last month to less than $96 today. In the same period wholesale gas dropped from $3.07 to $2.67, saving consumers $.40 per gallon when they fill up their tanks (See graphs below). That equates to $7 & change per tank of gas for the average consumer, or a minimum of about $400 per year. When extrapolated out to businesses who service the public with the likes of food, travel, lodging, etc., the average consumer would save thousands of dollars per year. So what’s behind this sudden windfall for consumers?

Here’s a headline from CNBC yesterday: Some investors think oil’s run is done. Think about how powerful that headline is. Better yet, think about what that means. Those remarks are from Stephen Schork, one of the level-headed Wall Streeter’s who doesn’t attempt to hide what’s going on. That headline becomes even more powerful when you consider this one: Oil prices defy global turmoil. In spite of what’s happening in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya and other oil-rich Middle Eastern and Far East countries, oil prices are not going up — a pretty significant point when you consider that in the past oil prices would spike by as much as two or three dollars when someone in those country’s sneezed.

But there’s one other thing that’s happening which is affecting oil prices: Still to come? Pain from Fed’s ‘taper’ dismount. What does that mean, you ask? In a nutshell, it means that Wall Street is scared that their bestest BFF – the Federal Reserve – is about to stop investing America’s money in them.

This all adds up to what I have been saying for years, as well as others: The greedy bastards on Wall Street are responsible for a huge chunk of the price of a gallon of gasoline, throwing ordinary commoner’s into financial stress while they add billions more to their already billionaire status.

So if Wall Street is giving up on oil, where will they now invest all those billions? Get ready — it’s your drinking water.

Oil Price 7-1 thru 8-14-14

Gas Price 7-1 thru 8-14-14


America’s Law Enforcement Departments’ Are Rapidly Becoming America’s No. 1 Terrorist

The tragic & useless killing of Michael Brown by a policeman in Ferguson, Mo. has brought attention to the entire world. If descriptions of what happened by multiple independent eye witnesses are true, then Brown’s death can only be described as first degree murder or, maybe more accurate yet, an assassination. To make matters worse, the actions of the Ferguson police department in the days following the killing are absolutely appalling to say the least. But can we really say we are surprised at this?

Law enforcement departments all over the country have been using excessive force for years. And each time we hear of one of these travesties, it is more aggressive than the last. When law abiding citizens are standing on their own property, behind a picket fence, and the police literally attack them as out-of-control demonstrators or journalist who are sitting in a public food service establishment charging their camera batteries are arrested or journalist filming the actions of police are tear gassed & shot at by police – as has happened in Ferguson – then there is something very, very wrong and must be categorized as terrorist attacks.

Like it or not, law enforcement seems to mostly select people of color for their aggression. Now we all know why that is: racism. When something like this happens in a foreign country where people are attack because of their differences, we Americans are quick to call it terrorism. It’s no difference here.

So what leads to these sorts of actions by law enforcement?

To be honest with ourselves, let’s admit that to be a law officer one has to have a bit of masochism. We already know they don’t get paid all that much, so why else would they put their life on the line. (Granted some are there simply to preserve law and order, but it’s not them that we have to worry about.) And it’s that masochism, along with a touch of bully instinct that eventually leads them to a Michael Brown killing. Let me give you an example.

Last year my wife was traveling on I-10 across Louisiana. A trucker slammed into her rear, totaling the car. A state trooper investigated the accident. Without going into details, the state cop treated and talked to my wife as if she was some sort of criminal, and at fault of the accident even though the trucker admitted he fell asleep at the wheel. He literally did not care that she had just survived a totaled out accident and that she was obviously shook up. And his verbal attacks on her didn’t stop until he drove away. He got even madder when she asked him to stay until the friends she had called could come and pick her up (I was 5 states away at the time – thank God). He knew her only other option was to stand beside the road all alone — in the middle of the night.

The next day my wife wrote down everything that had taken place along with what the officer did and said, expressing his demeanor and tone as best as she could. From that she constructed a letter to the troop commander, and in it said she wasn’t looking for an apology but if something wasn’t done about the trooper’s attitude something bad was eventually going to happen — like him killing someone or someone killing him. And yes, he was that bad.

Unless they’re reeled in when symptoms first appear, troopers like the Louisiana State trooper will eventually be involved in a Ferguson, Mo. If left to their own vices, we can expect nothing less.

police officer vs terrorist attack