Remembering Our Troops On Memorial Day Weekend – Past & Present

Thanks to Canadian veteran and columnist A. Lawrence Vaincourt for this 1987 wonderful tribute to all our troops – past and present – who have served and died for our country. (And thanks to a good friend for reminding me of the video.)

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Trump Living Proof Conservatives Would Support Satan Himself – As A Republican

support satanWhen Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican Presidential Primary there was no one who took him serious — including yours truly. The GOP establishment simply laughed it off and declared they’d never get behind such a raving, know-nothing idiot. However, as Trump’s popularity rose and the other 16 serious contenders began dropping like flies, a couple of conservative’s openly endorsed him. But most were using all sorts of negative adjectives and nouns to describe Trump, with some well-known names declaring they would never endorse nor support him no matter what.

But that was then and this is now.

Today, as the presumed nominee of the party (with 1238 delegates in hand), nearly all are supporting Trump albeit with noses pinched and snarls through gritted teeth. Many believe Trump will be the Napoleon of the Republican Party and, as President, be the Party’s Waterloo; yet they’re still rallying around him.

For example, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham once called Trump a “race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot”, a “jackass” and said “I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office”. But now that he’s the clear Primary winner, Graham not only supports Trump but is encouraging donors to support him.

Others, who are in a fight for reelection – like Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina – claim to support Trump but refuses to endorse Trump or campaign with him.

Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, who said last year there was no need to endorse Trump because he would never be the nominee, now finds herself in a predicament. Running neck-and-neck with her Democratic challenger, she can neither afford to endorse him nor rebuke him. Yet she’s trying to ‘support’ him.

Then there’s Reince Priebus, Chairman of the RNC. Once upon a time he called Trump a ‘varsity’ candidate. But as he began to realize that Trump could win the Primary, Priebus began exploring options to prevent Trump from becoming the official nominee – including a nuclear option. But evidently he concluded that the future of the Party might be less bleak with a Trump nominee vs. alienating millions of voters.

There are many others who can’t stand the idea of a Trump Presidency, yet are pledging their support. So what’s the message coming from the GOP establishment? It’s crystal clear: The Party would endorse Satan himself as President if only he would declare himself a faithful Republican.

support satan


Find Out Which Presidential Candidate ‘Really’ Aligns With Your Issues

your-issuesAre you one of those people who are a single-issue voter and simply don’t care about other issues? Or are you more concerned about the overall good of the country and its health rather than selfish needs? Maybe you’ve already made up your mind which Presidential candidate you support. Maybe you haven’t decided exactly who you think you should vote for. If you are genuinely serious about finding out which candidate aligns more with your issues, there is a way to do that without investing in hours of research.

I Side With’ website is the place to go. There you can take the 28-question quiz which will score you with the candidate(s) who holds the same values you do. It is by far the most unbiased site on the Internet. So much so that more than 36 million people have already taken the quiz (that’s already nearly one-third of the number that voted in the 2012 election).

Why is it the best? First, the questions are not “loaded” questions. Second, it offers not only a ‘Yes or No’ answer but several ‘conditional’ answers. Third, if none of the answers clearly depict your choice, they offer the option to construct your own answer. And finally, the results show you which candidate align with your specific answers.

Another option offered on the site is to save your test results for future reference.

So if you really want to find out who you should vote for instead of taking the position of “I’ve already made my mind up so don’t confuse me with facts”, I encourage you to take the quiz.

Here’s the link again: I Side With.