Iraqi War Consequences: Generations Of Terrorists. Thanks, Bush / Cheney!

Want to know why Muslims hate America?

On March 16, 2003 Vice-President Dick Cheney, speaking about the impending invasion of Iraq, told Tim Russert on Meet the Presswe will, in fact, be greeted as liberators”. The invasion began 4 days later on March 20. In the end, we were not greeted as liberators!

Instead of being viewed as ‘friends of Iraq’, today Iraqis considers America as their enemy. We are, in fact, MR. CHENEY, hated by the Iraqis, and now, thanks to you and your puppet Bush, we’ve got generations of terrorists to look forward to.

Take a look at the following graph, courtesy of The Intercept referencing a recent Arab Youth Survey.

Iraqi War Consequences

93 percent of young people in Iraq consider the United States to be their enemy. Most will grow up to become terrorists, which we will have to deal with. This is the price of the Bush / Cheney war of choice. And if one of the current crop of would-be Republican Presidents gets into the Oval Office, the many warmongers currently in Congress and their online & TV propagandist will gladly drum up similar Bush / Cheney lies to attack another Muslim country — like Iran, for example.


Cruz To Announce Carly Fiorina As Running Mate

Be very, very happy — very, very, very, happy — that Presidential candidate Donald Trump will most likely be the nominee for the Republican Party Presidential candidate.

You were already happy that Cruz was losing to Trump but with Cruz, who is already an extremely dangerous enemy to democracy, slated to tag Carly Fiorina as his VP pick, not only would democracy be destroyed but a sure-fire bet that America would go down in flames.

What would be left is the greatest country in human history would be divided into at least three countries: One for the wealthy, one for religious radicals and one for the rest of us – LITERALLY!

All Trump will do is make a fool out of our country and prove that even a raving idiot can be President. No Congress in the world would allow him to do the stupid, dumb things he says he will do.



Two Questions For God’s Earthly ‘Fan Club’

According to anti-abortionist, all pregnancies are a gift from God; therefore it should not be aborted. So does that mean when a woman gets pregnant via rape, incest, enslavement (kidnapped), terrorism, etc. that God wanted to add a new baby to his earthly flock so bad that he was willing to put one of his creations through a literal hell in order to get one?

The answer, according to these radical anti-abortionists, can only be interpreted as a resounding ‘YES!’ But if that’s true, then God must not be the loving and compassionate God these radicals claim he is. How could He possibly be?

Another question: When a man rapes a child then murders him/her we often hear religious people – other than the parents, of course – say ‘God simply wanted another flower in heaven so he took one’. So does that mean that God wanted the child with him in heaven so bad that he was willing to put that child through the hellish tragedy of rape and a brutal murder? Evidently so, according to these radicals!

But the simply, honest and truthful answer to these two questions is an emphatic ‘NO’: God did not ‘authorize’ these hideous acts in order to add to His earthly flock or to get a new ‘flower’ in heaven.  This “blame God” by His earthly “fan club” is simply an attempt to force their personal will on others — a will they wouldn’t adhere to if it happened to them.

The vast majority of them wear their religion like a coat: Put it on when it serves them and remove it when it doesn’t. Surely Satan is gleefully awaiting them at the gates of hell.

God's Fan Club