The Two Best Headlines Of The Day

You just can’t read these two headlines without seeing the irony in them.

Right Wing Christian ‘Doctor’ Thinks The Gays Will Force Children to Perform S*domy

South Carolina Christian Pastor Arrested For Sexually Assaulting A Child

You’ll hear about the first on conservative media, but you can bet the farm you won’t hear about the second.


Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs [with] facts.
Economist Henry Rosovsky

Time To Reinstate The Draft – With A Twist

Unlike the refusal by the G.W. Bush administration to negotiate with Iran in 2003 which resulted in Iran increasing their uranium enrichment centrifuges from 164 to 19,000, we now have an agreement with Iran that will greatly cripple their military nuclear program. However, as expected, the political-right is unhappy with the agreement. They don’t publically offer an alternative, but everyone knows what it is: WAR.

decree for warmongersRepublicans love war. It’s their foreign policy answer to any country that doesn’t give them what they want or simply pisses them off. So here’s the suggestion from the rest of us; it’s a two-step process.

First we demand – and will enforce if necessary – that all political war mongers leave their penthouses and “Beltway Bunkers” and don the appropriate military uniform, pick up their favored weapon and lead the attack from the frontregardless of age, gender and/or physical ability. Second, we reinstate the draft, but with a twist.

A poll from April of this year supplies us with the list of draftees (see chart below). 21 percent of Republicans, 11 percent of Independents and 6 percent of Democrats wants to attack Iran. They will make up the first round of draftees – and probably only round needed. It will work like this.

There are approximately 146 million registered voters in the U.S. Approximately 25% (36.5 million) identify as Republican, 31% (45.2 million) identify as Democrat and 42% (61.3 million) say they’re Independent. Therefore if we draft those from each of those political groups who want to attack Iran, regardless of age, gender or physical ability, we will have a 17 million-man/woman military – 5 million more than served in WWII at the height of the war.

Furthermore, we assign leadership roles to all the war mongers in the U.S., fighting alongside the 17 million, thereby not putting our active-duty leadership in harm’s way. With 17 million, not much leadership qualities would be required anyway – just overwhelm the enemy with numbers.

Hell, all we would have to do is send in a few drones and mid-range missiles from our war ships to soften up the Iranian military by taking out their Air Force and missiles, thus eliminate placing any of our current active duty fly-boys in jeopardy. Then send in the 17 million “lets attack Iran” ground troops to “waltz across the country” taking out Iran’s Army.

Yeah, we’ll probably lose between a half-million to a million, but, as the old saying goes, war is hell. Losing 3 to 5 percent of our “soldiers” will certainly be an acceptable number given the fact we lost 3 percent in Iraq.

There you go – problem solved, with no further draft required or even calling up our reserve military personnel. And the best part is we’ll never have to worry about penthouse or beltway bunker – or ordinary voters – war mongering again.

bomb Iran


Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs [with] facts.
Economist Henry Rosovsky

Knowing Their Obama Conspiracy Theories Were Lies, The Defensive Conspiracies Begins

From the very beginning the fear mongering started: “Obama will appoint himself dictator of America; Obama will refuse to leave office when his term is over; Obama will eliminate term limits; Obama will fabricate a national emergency and cancel election; Obama will mobilize the military against Americans; Obama will take over Texas; (remember Jade Helm 15?); Obama will start a race war; Obama will take away everyone’s guns; Obama will punish America for slavery; Obama will nullify Christianity; Obama will import terrorists into our neighborhoods;” and on and on and on.

Larry PrattSo now that none of those conspiracy theories have happened, how do we explain why it didn’t? No problem! Enter Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America who has the answer: The Second Amendment is the only thing saving America from Obama. In other words, the NRA and his organization has saved America from Obama by ‘defeating Obama’s plan’ to take away our guns, and since we still have guns, he’s afraid to act on any of the things we said he would do.

What b u l l s h i t !!!!

Let’s face it — when your years of fear mongering have been proven to be nothing but fear mongering, your only option is to come up with an excuse that’s as stupid as your fear mongering.

Racist bastards! That’s the reason for the fear mongering.


Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs [with] facts.
Economist Henry Rosovsky