Yep! Taxpayers Bail Out Students Ripped Off By Corinthian College. Scam-Artist ‘Educators’ Gleeful!

Last September I told you that taxpayers would be on the hook for the big bucks that Corinthian Colleges’ stole from their students. Now it’s a done-deal to the tune of $171 million for just one school. Stayed tuned for the remaining colleges under their umbrella to fall like dominoes, which could cost as much as $1 billion by the time it’s over. Meantime, meet the gleeful – and wealth – “educators”.

Corinthian College Executives


On Firearms In Night Clubs For Defense Against Terrorism, Here’s An Idea

Now who says pro-gun proponents are not reasonable, clear-thinking people?

FirearmsLarry Pratt, the executive director emeritus of Gun Owners of America, told CNN’s Carol Costello that allowing bar and nightclub patrons to carry concealed firearms would minimize the carnage that occurred in Orlando, Florida. When challenged about the obvious problems of mixing guns and booze, Pratt unhesitatingly produced the “sensible” solution: Limit the amount of booze the bar can sell a person carrying a fire arm.

I suppose Pratt would enforce his solution by passing a law that would define the maximum amount of booze a gun-totin’ patron was allowed to consume then prosecute nightclub owners and bartenders if they broke the law.

Well, let’s just see how that would work.

A gun-totin’ redneck walks into a bar to get a beer. Well aware of the law, and determined to be a law-abiding citizen, he walks straight up to the bartender and says ‘Hey, bubba. I got my 2nd Amendment rights concealed right here in my belt loop. And not wanting to break any laws, I insist that you limit how much booze I consume. So be informed – I’m your responsibility from this point on’.

Yeah, that’ll work juuuust fine. But maybe there’s even a better idea.

How about we do this. Let bar and nightclub owners decide if they want to allow patrons to have guns in their establishment. For those who want that privilege, sell them a “gun-zone” license which requires identifying their place of business as such with glaring signs both inside and out.

Now we have a place for boozers to go, get drunk, and pull out their pride-and-joy weapons-of-mass-destruction and start blowing each other’s brains out.

Problem solved.


About Mass Shootings, How Many Times Have We Heard This?

After a mass shooting like the Orlando, Florida night club where 102 people were shot and Newtown, Connecticut where 20 small children died, both involving an assault weapon with high-capacity magazines, we immediately hear from the NRA, our conservative bought-&-paid-for elected officials and all the ammosexual gun nuts that we should not mention banning assault weapons.

There “reasoning” is always the same: ‘cars kill people, knives kill people, baseball bats and hammers kill people, fist kill people, etc. and we don’t ban them so why should we ban assault weapons’. Now we’ve got Fox Faux’s host Tucker Carlson asserting the really, really stupid by claiming that the Orlando shooter could have use a “crock pot” to killed people.

Just how stupid do assault weapon proponents think the public is? Evidently pretty damn stupid.

So let’s walk through these. When was the last time you heard of a car or knife or baseball bat or hammer or fist or a crock pot being used in a mass murdering spree? NEVER! That’s how many.

The six worst auto accidents in history involved some 337 vehicles, killing and/or injuring 317 people. And nobody deliberately used those vehicles with the intent of killing, although one accident, which left 61 dead and/or injured, was caused by an intoxicated driver — which, BY LAW, wasn’t supposed to be driving. By comparison, in the first 172 days of 2016, 1,081 people were ACCIDENTALLY shot with a gun yet no reasonable person is advocating banning those guns.

mass shootingsAssault weapons and high-capacity magazines, which were designed to inflict mass causalities on the battlefield, are the only two items in question, yet the gun nuts and corrupt politicians are the only ones objecting.

Jeez, oh man. It’s no wonder we can’t have a civil discussion on mass murder when we’ve got these kinds of nincompoop dumbass immoral heartless bloodthirsty unconscious backwoods bigoted racist stupid psycho idiots in the conversation.