More About Republican Liars

Yesterday I addressed the accusation that Republicans lie three times more than Democrats. In a sane world, there is no doubt that they do lie an awful lot, certainly more often than Democrats, Libertarians and Independents. With that in mind I simply had to put the following together for your viewing and reading ‘pleasure’.

republican liars

Specifically, Fox News:

As for who listens to Fox Faux’s lies:


Why Do Republicans Lie More Than Democrats?

I personally know a person who claims to be a born-again Christian, goes to church every time the doors are open, reads the Bible every day and prays at every meal. Yet this person has absolutely no problem telling a lie and, when confronted, admits they’re lying. When asked how they reconcile lying with being a Christian, the answer was “Because God knows I’m human”. And, yes, this person is a diehard tea party Republican.

Americans Against The Tea Party (AATTP) published an article in May saying Republicans lie three times more than Democrats. They cite a study and a couple of other sources that offer some interesting reading on the subject, but imply that it’s just a few of the crazies in the GOP that’s giving the rest a bad name. I don’t necessarily agree with the latter but what I find interesting is that it’s always Republicans and their tea party radicals who invoke God in their public statements (when it suits them), yet willingly stand before the entire world and tell a flat-out lie.

More than a year ago I wondered whether or not educated Republicans actually believed in God. I still think it’s very unlikely that they do – given the technological innovation that has offered up so may scientific facts over the past two or three decades – which would account for why they have no problem lying day in and day out.

For example, the anti-abortion issue has been the cause for a large portion of God-invoking by the political and religious-right over the past year or so. But as it turns out, the rise against abortion has been more about racism, segregation, tax breaks and — — beer! This constitutes some of their biggest ongoing lies to date.

Another big lie is their so-called “Family Values” position they’re always throwing up, especially when speaking out against the LGBT community. Did you know that Evangelicals cheat on their spouses more than other religious groups? And the majority of Evangelicals are Republicans, yet they have absolutely no problem touting their “strong religious beliefs” while cheating on their spouse.

gop truth won't workSo why do Republicans lie more than Democrats. It all goes to winning elections and being in power. I’ve said it before: If Republicans were completely honest in what their agenda is they’d never win another election (if on a level playing field). Even the local Republican dog catcher couldn’t win.


Big Corporations Getting Out Of Retirement Business

So you took that job with a big established corporation, due in big part, to the lucrative retirement program they offered. Well, maybe you need to re-evaluate your future retirement plans. Many of the biggest US corporations are gutting their contributions to your retirement account.

By the end of this year corporations will have slashed their contributions to retiree pension plans by 55% over a two year period. That’s the average; most large corporations like Ford Motor Company, Allstate, Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson plan to cut even more – much more – than the average just this year alone. Look at this snapshot:

corporate pension cuts

I’ve been saying for many years that companies want to get out of the retirement business, and they’re doing it at a record pace. This is driven mostly by corporate greed: ‘All for us, none for employees’. Ironically President Obama unintentionally helped corporations reach this desired goal.

Two years ago Obama signed a bill into law that would supplement transportation programs and extend low interest rates on student loans by changing pension laws to pay for those programs. (You should have known the bill was going to benefit big businesses or House Republicans wouldn’t have ever signed on.) The idea was that by reducing the amount of tax-deductible money that corporations paid into pension plans, the government would increase federal income through more taxable profits. Of course, corporations simply escalated their transfer of profits overseas in order to reduce their US tax burden.

Lawmakers claimed the new law wouldn’t reduce the bottom line in retirement funds. Of course they would say that. How else could they have got this past the general public?

Now I suppose those who will be retiring in the future will be lambasted by heartless conservatives for being on Social Security and other government programs because they didn’t plan for their retirement – like they done so often in the past.