Carl Bernstein Defines My Problem With Hillary Clinton

Carl Bernstein, an American investigative journalist and author, has been appearing on CNN over the past few months. You might remember Bernstein from the 1970’s Richard Nixon scandal. He and Bob Woodward were The Washington Post investigative reporters that exposed Nixon’s involvement in Watergate which led to Nixon’s resignation as President. This morning, on CNN, Bernstein eloquently defined why I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton.

Even before the current Presidential campaign kicked off, I said I could never vote for Hillary Clinton. Therefore when the primary campaign season was in full swing, I was looking very hard at Bernie Sanders. But knowing that because of his title -“Socialist” Democrat – I gave him no chance, although I knew he was nothing like a Stalinist socialist as the political right claimed. So I began looking at Republican candidates.

In the end, I settled on John Kasich as my alternative to Clinton although I certainly didn’t agree with some of his policy positions. But as we all know that didn’t work out, which left Clinton or Trump.

In my world, I had no choice at all. So I made the decision that I would skip the Presidential options on my ballot and simply vote for my Congressional, state and local candidate – which I will certainly do.

So why can’t I support Clinton?

It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with all the dumbass rhetoric about “crooked” Hillary, “corrupt” Hillary, “corrupt” Clinton Foundation or Benghazi. It is, and always has been, all about Hillary Clinton having “closet” conservative policies.

If you dig deep into Clinton’s political stance over the past 15 to 20 years you will find that most of her policy positions are very similar to conservative ideology of the 60’s and early 70’s, and a couple of modern-day conservative positions, i.e., trade policies, and allegiance to Wall Street and corporate America. That’s why so many of us have rightly claimed that Democrats have abandoned the working class. She, as a Democrat, is not alone.

So how did Carl Bernstein define my feeling on Clinton? He said she has a “conservative mind & liberal heart“. What that means to me is, like most people we try to not let our heart get in the way of what our mind tells us to do.

That’s Hillary Clinton!

Hillary Clinton


Trump Surrogates Now Auditioning For Post-Election Position In Trump Organization

Paying very close attention to Donald Trump’s surrogates last night and this morning – especially their faces, demeanor and actions – it is so glaringly obvious they know their defense of Trump has become nothing more than a universal joke, and that they know they’re making fools of themselves.

So why are they so much more passionate in their defense of Trump now than they’ve been in the past? Because they’re keenly aware there’s only one career option left for them post-election: A position with Trump as he tries to rebuild his brand.

trump surrogates