Global Warming

Catastrophic global warming is a subject much like religion, in that only the future will prove out the truth. Anyone who denies there is a noticeable warming effect on earth is in denial only because they stand with the extreme opponents against the extreme proponents on this issue. And herein lays the real problem.  

They are both extremist. The proponents feel they absolutely have to overstate the problem in order to get the proper attention, and they may just have a point there. But the opponents take the same stand. They feel they absolutely have to understate the problem in order to get equal billing. Therefore, the only goal really achieved is that the argument will go on.

Once you back away from your biases on this issue you will see two causes & effect. First, the earth is going through one of it natural warming periods that has been happening for millions of years. Second, we humans are contributing only to this warming. Neither side will put these two facts together and agree on what we can do or should do. There is just absolutely too much politics involved on both sides, and total & complete victory is all either of them will accept. You could argue that the opponents are too much in favor of the big businesses that are contributing to the problem and that the proponents are too much against big businesses that are contributing to the problem.

As I see it, our responsibility is to make sure we do as much as humanly possible to not contribute to global warming. The majority of our scientists do agree on just how much effect there will be with just one degree change in global temperature. And it does not sound good! Therefore, it is very important to us and the planet to do what we can as soon as possible just as a safety measure.

We need to remember one thing. If we have several hundred experts saying one thing and less than a dozen experts disagreeing with them, it’s not hard to decide who to believe. Let us not pretend to be experts on this very important matter because of our biases and pride.


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