Nationalized Cost & Privatized Profits

I wish I could take credit for this title quote, but I can’t. Someone else beat me to it. However, it is very powerful.

The very first reaction to this by some will be “bull crap, everyone profits”. What I am referring to is when America goes to war the middle & lower class citizens pay for the war with their taxes and lives, but cooperate America profits from the war. Those that say “bull crap” will say everyone pays lower prices for a product that was made more accessible by the war. I say it’s not an argument about who benefited and who didn’t. It’s who paid the biggest price versus who benefited the most. 

To begin with, many large America companies are enjoying a monstrous direct windfall in Iraq during the fighting itself. Both Dick Chaney and some other powerful men have made sure of that. Then, if & when America becomes successful in winning the war, the oil companies are going to have another huge source of crude oil to make more record profits on. In addition, there will be other companies, many of them American, that will flock to Iraq after the war to earn huge profits. There is no valid argument against the fact there is a huge disproportion of profits by corporations versus lower retail prices for citizens. There could be an argument if morals were involved instead of greed. However, the average American citizen will never see their fair share of the profit. But they will have paid the lion’s share of the cost of the war.

Unfortunately some wars are necessary for the betterment of the human race. You will find very few true Americans that will speak out against the war in Afghanistan. The entire civilized nations had no choice but go after bin Laden, then the Taliban when they stood in the way. However, there is plenty of argument over the necessity of the war in Iraq, of which I take no side for or against. My personal observation is that if Saddam Hussein had stayed inside his own borders and forgot about trying to become powerful enough to take over the Middle East, he and his animalistic sons would still be alive and in power. Is there an argument that the world is better off without them? Sure. But is everyone in the world better off? That depends on who they are and what benefits they have gained or lost. So wars will go on. The only relative question here is who pays the most and who profits the most.


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