Ten Million White House Emails Missing

December 5, 2007 

The Facts 

Once again today, there is news of the fact that ten million emails are missing from the Bush administration’s White House. This is not new news, just revisited news. The time period for the missing emails is from the beginning of the Iraqi war to shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Among other things, this time frame covers the Valerie Plame incident. You know the one I’m talking about; the one where President Bush commuted the jail time of the only person convicted in that case.  

My View 

Let’s say that again; ten million emails. That is equivalent to over 27,000 people sending one email per day for an entire year. I know the White House gets a lot of emails, but it is pretty darn hard to “loose” ten million emails. And the White House hasn’t made any serious attempt to explain this. This time frame just happens to cover a period of several controversial issues the White House was involved in. How convenient for the current administration. I’m sure it is strictly coincidental. By the way, there is a federal law that says it is a crime to dispose of White House emails.  

We will spend weeks talking about Mike Huckabee letting a convicted criminal out of prison when Huckabee was Governor of Arkansas, talking about how bad it is that Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and talking about Hillary Clinton’s flip-flop position on the Iraq war, when none of them is President, and might not even be elected. If they did, how much difference would any of that really make? But we will give our current President a free pass on something that is very serious & really important, even criminal. No wonder Bush isn’t bothered by his continual lying to the public and breaking any law he so chooses. He knows no one is going to do anything about it, although he knows we will “bitch” a little but that will be the end of it. I seem to remember that there was three years and hundreds of millions of dollars of tax payer’s money spent trying to prove the Clintons were involved in a shady land deal in Arkansas. Where are all those screaming voices now?  

Folks, we are coming closer & closer each year to becoming a country by dictatorship (Absolute or despotic control or power). Our current administration fits that definition now much closer than they fit a Democracy or Republic. The only time we resemble a Democracy or a Republic anymore is on Election Day.  

I have advocated for a long time that we start bombarding our elected officials with emails, letters, and phone calls with our dissatisfaction of their actions. Start now with the White House. The White House email address is comments@whitehouse.gov. It took me all of 5 seconds to find it. It will take no longer to find any other elected officials email address. This is the hyperlink to the White House contact web site. In addition to other contact information, you can find Dick Cheney’s email address there also. So let’s get busy voicing our disapproval.


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