Michelle Obama Questioned About Her Views On Racism

February 22, 2008

The Facts

Michelle Obama has gotten a lot of bad press for her comment that for the first time in her life she is proud of America. The situation got worse in that she waited several days before addressing the criticism, and even worse in the way she defended herself when she finally did address the issue. All together, it has left a lot of people wondering about her inter beliefs.  

My View

Like anyone else who is not looking for the worst in her, I do not know what she was really thinking when she made the statement. However, I would have felt a lot better about her if she would have just come out and said that she made a mistake in her wording, then produced a simple statement as to what she really meant.

This unwanted attention that she is getting from this has caused a lot of people to start digging into her past. And things that are being found are not helping her case about not having some sort of deep feelings about race. One report goes back to her collage days at Princeton. She seemed to be focused on race back then.

So Michelle Obama will have a lot of convincing to do in order to erase the current stigma she has brought upon herself. Hopefully she will recognize this and will make a special effort to put people’s mind at ease, because I have no doubt that she is going to be the next first lady of the United States.

Read more on the report of her collage days here.


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