Obama’s “Typical White Woman” Comment

March 21, 2008

The Facts

Early this week, Barack Obama made his speech addressing the Reverend Wrights racist comments that have been aired again and again. In that speech he referred to his mother, a white woman, as a “typical white woman” in reference to white people being scared at times of a black person. Since his speech he has been trying to defend and explain away that statement.

My View

Obama is doing a very poor job of doing either. In fact, he is digging the hole deeper if his intent is to explain it away. Continuing to use words like “stereotypes” instead is not helping; it only goes to further reveal his own inner true feelings.

So if he is right about being “typically white” when a white person finds themselves in a situation where there are black people around, how does he explain the fact that Jesse Jackson once said that he has crossed the street when he found that he was about to be encounter by certain black people? Is Jackson being “typically black”? I think Obama, and his wife, need to get a grip on what they are beginning to say out in public, and what they may be thinking in private. The first thing he needs to do, if he is truly serious about erasing racism, is address why he thinks it’s ok for black people to say certain things regarding racism but it is not ok for whites to say those same things regarding racism. Reverse racism is not the way of fixing racism against black people. Obama keeps saying we have to get this out in the open and talk about it before racism can be fixed. Pardon me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this what most whites & many blacks have been saying for a long time now? But until the personal benefits of using racism is eradicated, for both blacks and whites, talking about it will do no good.



Obama’s “Typical White Woman” Comment — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks teejay for your welcomed comments. You are absolutely correct in what you say about Jesse, and old folks (I’m an ‘old folk’ but no offense taken). Until we can get the “typical” mentality erased, other obstacles will be impossible to address.

  2. no, Jesse was being a “typical” old guy. I’ve seen old white folks avoid the skater crowd or rowdy young white guys in the same way. Old folks react that way to anybody that seems menacing, no matter the race. White women on the other hand, no matter what their age may be, act that way towards black people often. I’ve had white women do that to me, if I have on my chillin gear (t-shirt, sweatpants, tennis shoes) and I am a black woman, an extremely attractive, non menacing one at that…so that is how far it goes for white women acting scared of black folks, so I would say it is typical no stereotypical

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