Republican Controlled Justice Department Out Of Control

June 25, 2008

The Facts

The Department of Justice has evidently implemented a new policy on hiring recent law school graduates. Usually they are hired through the Attorney General’s Honors Program. But according to some career employees of the DOJ, request for interview for certain applicants were turned down. After looking into the matter by some of those career employees, it seems that most of those turned down were of the “Democratic” persuasion. The career employees sent a letter to Senator Patrick Leahy reporting the departments’ action. Harpers Magazine even wrote an article about this called Democrats Need Not Apply.

My View

I suppose firing Democratic Federal Judges wasn’t good enough for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, or at least, for those who pull his strings. Now they want to rid the entire Justice Department of anyone who is not a radical extremist Republican. And they are starting out by refusing to hire anyone who is not one of them.

I am sure there are those out there who think this is a good thing, but they forget one small problem; “if you make a rule, you may just have to live by that rule one day”. And I am sure when a Democrat gets in the White House this fall they will begin to take revenge. That’s what they did after eight years of his highness Ronald Reagan. And we all know what that set off; a war between the two political parties that still rage on today. As a result of this war, the people of this country have suffered greatly, but the two parties don’t care. They are so absorbed of becoming the “King” that they have lost sight of what really matters. And we the people are aiding them greatly by this feuding over “whose party is god and whose is evil”. Way to go America! Our grandchildren are going to be very proud of us. That is, if they and America are still around.


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