Which Political Party Supporters Watch Which News Channel

September 3, 2008

The Facts

While watching CNBC today John Harwood, who is covering the Republican Party convention for CNBC, was talking about the “left of center bias” in the main stream press. He went on to say that CNN’s own surveys show that the majority of people who watch CNN are Democrats.

My View

I have no doubt that out of the two major 24-hour “news” channels (CNN & Fox) more Democrats do watch CNN than Republicans. Very few, if any, Democrats or Independents will watch Fox News when Fox is talking politics, because they know which political party Fox is going to hype and which political party they are going to demonize. No reasonable minded person would ever deny the fact that Fox News is nothing more than the public relations department for the Republican Party; and most viewers who watch Fox is watching them because Fox is saying what they already want to hear. At least on CNN you can hear both pros and cons of both political parties, although CNN, like any other news channel, does have their own biased people. But on a whole, unlike Fox, CNN reports the news without airing their political biases. Therefore, in reference to CNN viewers being Democrats, I imagine many of them are like me; they want to hear the good and bad on both parties and their candidates. That’s something we know we won’t get from Fox.



Which Political Party Supporters Watch Which News Channel — 1 Comment

  1. Fox’s news is totally Republican, very bias toward Barack Obama; the morning team sucks and sean hannity is a racists who will look up in hell when he leave the world. greta shows favoritism to sarah palin who is a liar and disgrace to all christian women and the regular females in the world. I’ve stop watching fox news a couple of weeks ago—-racists and digusting

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