Local Photos Of Hurricane Ike’s Damage In Bridge City & Orange Texas

September 14, 2008

Although this post is very much out of context with my blog, I thought I’d share this web site with you so you could see what the national news media is not showing you now. Thanks to Gary at KOGT Radio in Orange Texas for these pictures. Just so you know, Gary always rides out hurricanes in Orange so he can report the real time situation to those that had to evacuate.

This is the home page of KOGT Radio

This is the link to the photo of hurricane Ike damage that Gary took yesterday. The city of Bridge City is completely under water and most of the city of Orange Texas is also.



Local Photos Of Hurricane Ike’s Damage In Bridge City & Orange Texas — 4 Comments

  1. You can also check out pictures and articles of Bridge City before during and after Hurricane Ike on the website of the Penny Record and the County Record.
    Mark Dunn is an incredible photographer with unbelievable pix.
    Check it out! therecordlive.com

  2. My cousin lived in one of the trailer parks by sonic in bridge city. I don’t know if he is alive or dead. His name is Timothy Pochiba. If anyone has any information about him, please email me at awhelan96@yahoo.com. I’m so worried about him.

  3. My brother came home to TN this weekend he lives on Canal Street in BC. Looks devastating thanks for the photos and stay safe.

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