Adopting Nazi Gestapo Methods – Is This America?

February 24, 2009

You lobby your local government to build a bike path for your community and state authorities label you as a terrorist. You speak out against the war in Iraq and those same authorities label you a white supremacists. You don’t like how much you’re paying for electrical power and you’re tagged as a security threat. Where are you living? In Nazi Germany, China, North Korea, or some other communist country? No, you’re living in the State of Maryland, USA, so says this editorial by the Washington Post, and these are the results of investigations by Maryland State Police.

Defenders of the State Police say that restrictions proposed by lawmakers to prevent this kind of action could inhibit the ability of law enforcement agencies to monitor criminals. However, many protesters say they are now hesitant to speak out for fear they will be put on the terrorism watch list.

My View

Very effective censorship, I’d say. We are hearing more & more of this sort of thing, and each time it seems to be more severe. You may remember my report on a reporter arrested in Denver while trying to take pictures of those entering a hotel for a party during the Democratic convention. The reporter, ABC’s Asa Eslocker, was on a public sidewalk at the time of the filming & arrest, but that didn’t seem to matter. Nothing was ever done about the arrest, and nothing seems to have been done about the Maryland State Police’s action. But until charges are brought against the offenders of constitutional rights, expect it to only escalate.

Welcome to the new America!


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