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Would Bundy Not Be Guilty of 35-Plus Murders Had His Trial Been Mishandled?

UPDATE @ 1:30 CT – See correction below.

April 14, 2009  

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan was appointed by President Reagan as Superior Court of the District of Columbia in 1984. President George H.W. Bush appointed him as an Associate Judge of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals in 1991. President Bill Clinton appointed him as United States District Judge for the District of Columbia in 1994. Sullivan recently became noted for dismissing the corruption conviction of Republican Ted Stevens of Alaska, and ordering a criminal investigation into the prosecutors who convicted Stevens.

The recent action of Judge Sullivan is exactly what he should have done. Not doing so would’ve plunged yet another dagger into the heart of our justice system, and God knows enough of that was done during the eight years under the George W. Bush administration. But does the criminal action by the prosecution mean Ted Stevens isn’t guilty? No, it does not! No more than it would if Ted Bundy had been set free because of prosecutorial misgivings in his case. Bundy would still be guilty of dozens of murders.

There have already been several articles pointing out the same thing such as this one by The New York Times — “set free, but still guilty”. Stevens’ guilt is as obvious as the wrinkles on his face. Not only should he not be an elected official of the United States, he should be in prison. He’s a crook, and prison is where crooks belong. But only after he’s given a fair trial.

brenda-morrisBrenda Morris of the public integrity section was the lead prosecutor in the Stevens case. Her boss is William Welch II. There were four other prosecutors involved — two from the same unit and two from Alaska. No doubt the prosecutors felt free to conduct themselves as they did. They probably thought the Obama administration would follow the precedence set under the Bush administration, confirmed several times during the latter’s administration. To find out how many, all you have to do is perform a search with your favorite search engine. You will get more hits than a dozen playboy centerfolds would get at bachelor party. But the one most people will remember (unless they chose not to) is the political assassination & imprisonment of Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. Not too far behind that was the dismissal of nine Federal judges simply because they were Democrats. Although there are plenty to choose from, there could be no better examples of criminal action by the Bush justice department than the aforementioned. It is for those reasons I find it absolutely horrendous to hear all those holier-than-thou hypocritical do-gooders in the Republican Party mouthing off about the Stevens case and their frontline propaganda network, Fox Fools, spouting off about it for hours on top of hours day after day. It really does make one want to throw up.

There are many reliable reports and much uncontestable evidence on what happened in the case of Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. (Just Google up “Don Siegelman, political trial” or something similar.) No less than 52 states attorney generals insisted that the Siegelman conviction be investigated. In case you didn’t notice, that’s every attorney general from every state in the union. And in case you don’t know, many of them were Republicans. In fact, there were hundreds of Republicans calling for an investigation into the conduct of the Bush justice department, but none in Congress. CBS’s 60 Minutes performed an extensive investigation in the case against Siegelman, and aired their results after the trial. Unfortunately for the residence of Alabama, the airing of the program was not seen in that state due to “technical difficulties”. (The 2-segment video can be viewed at the bottom of this post.) But Siegelman appears to be headed toward a retrial now that the Bush administration is out of power. If successful in his endeavor, nothing else will happen other than not being sent back to prison, although Carl Rove has been ordered to testify about his role in the case. Rove, Bush, and dozens of others will simply be allowed to walk away from their crimes. To the neoconservatives within the Republican Party, including Bush and Rove, they won’t care — their objective at the time was accomplished and, once again, the end justified the means. Hail to American justice!

As for the nine Democratic Federal judges that were fired for being Democrats rather than Republicans, it would take volumes of encyclopedia to list all the web links and crimes committed here. But Stalinist Carl Rove and others, including Harriet Miers, have been ordered to answer questions about their role in the firings. However, I seriously doubt much will come out of this except some temporary political victory for purposes of bragging rights. No high ranking government official will ever be held accountable for destroying dozens of people’s lives just for the sake of winning a political battle. That has been proven over and over in years gone by, most recently under the Bush administration. God, I see solid evidence every day of my country becoming a third-world country with political victories being obtained through acts of criminal activity. What’s next — guns?

As I pointed out earlier, there are at least hundreds, most likely thousands, of web sites out there covering wrongdoing, misgivings, and criminal action by the Bush Justice Department. This one by Ron Chusid, former chief of the voting section in the Justice Department’s civil rights division [see correction below], was just the first one listed when I Googled up a particular search. Chusid called it “Bush Accused of Long History of Politicizing Justice Department“. This one by Jonathan Turley talks about how the Bush Justice Department handed out gifts to highly favored faith-based organizations.

Obviously, none of the examples of Bush and his justice department have anything to do with Ted Stevens’ guilt or innocence. I only use these examples to point out how hypocritical the Republican Party and their media attack dogs are. I paid close attention to Fox News during the Governor Siegelman incident, and I don’t have to tell you they were all smiles and supportive of what Bush, Rove and their justice department were doing. But when all the evidence begin to surface over the criminal actions by the Bush justice department, Fox Fools has “more important stuff to talk about”. However, with the Stevens case they are all over the wrongful action by the Obama justice department. Does anyone hear the bellowing voice of ‘no credibility’ here?

One of the thousands of problems we have in our political parties today is the childish mentality of “it’s pay-back time”. Although I would personally like to see many in the Bush justice department properly punished including Carl Rove and Harriett Miers, the ring leaders of the attack on the Alabama governor, two wrongs do not make a right. By allowing individuals in the Obama justice department to go unpunished would cause us to continue the downward spiral path toward a third-world dictatorship type government, which is exactly where we’re headed if we don’t find more people like Eric Holder, Attorney General under Obama, and Judge Sullivan — that is, if the latter was not motivated by political ideology also.

CORRECTION: I inadvertently gave Ron Chusid credit for being the “former chief of the voting section in the Justice Department’s civil rights division”. THAT IS INCORRECT! Mr. Chusid is the author of the referenced article and he was quoting Joseph D. Rich who was the former chief. Sorry for the mistake and I hope neither feels insulted. Thanks to Mr. Chusid for pointing out the error.

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  1. Thanks for the link but there is one correction. My post quotes Joseph D. Rich, former chief of the voting section in the Justice Department’s civil right division. The post incorrectly gives me Rich’s title.

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