GOP — A Bewildering Profusion

Stuck In the Past; Lacking a Clear Leader and Agenda

May 18, 2009

Since the Presidential election in November of last year, the Grand Old Party has been leaderless. No less than 16 Republicans have emerged as potential party leaders. All are trying to “feel” their way out of the darkness by reading an obviously blank map by brail. No one seems able to muster more than four to six people who will agree on anything. As a result, several so-called splinter groups are going off in different directions in an attempt to accidently stumble upon the road to recovery. But their real problems are right before their wide shut eyes if they would only recognize it.

Michael Gerson wrote a piece for The Washington Post where he says the GOP has a driving desire to lose. Gerson is not one of the enemy — he was a speechwriter for President George W. Bush for five years, and has served in several other prominent positions as well. So he can’t be simply written off as anti-Republican. He says “of the two main American political parties, Republicans are now clearly distinguished by their driving desire to lose. Every faction seems determined to rule the kingdom of irrelevance” . Gerson hits the bulls’ eye with the last sentence. The party has too many want-a-be chiefs, and the innocent indians don’t know who to follow. He points to “neo-Reaganites” who want to look to, and rule by, the past. He suggests that maybe Governor Jeb Bush of Florida has a point when he said “I don’t think listening is a weakness. People are yearning to be heard. Perhaps we should begin with a little humility” .

Jeb Bush made the aforementioned statement back on the first of this month when he and a few others initiated an effort under the newly formed National Council for a New America. First, let me point out that the majority of American people have caught on to these catchy-but-meaningless titled shams being put forth by the GOP. Since their “Contract with America” back in 1994 they’ve relied heavily on bogus “catch phrase” titles to push through a hidden agenda. But nothing for the common peoples ever came out of any of them. They even invented a couple to get some of their pet policy laws enacted. Does anyone remember the “Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001” and the “Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003”? (Go back and read each word carefully in the titles before reading any further.) Both of these were tax cuts for corporations and wealthy people under the guise of trickle-down-economics. But as is well documented, not one single new workplace job was created as a result of these tax cuts. And it looks like they are still trying to flimflam the public with this new initiative. The small group says this is to help get the Party’s ideas out to the public, because, as they put it, the news media has been ignoring their alternate proposals. If they are talking about proposals such as the alternate budget proposal recently flaunted on television by Republican minority leader John Boehner, they don’t need to be blaming the news media for no one paying attention. As it turned out, the alternate budget proposal was barely more than the blank stack of papers Joseph McCarthy waved in the air in front of television cameras in 1954, which he claimed contained the names of over a hundred communist in our country. The Republican official-looking paper-thin document was for nothing more than a photo op. Like McCarthy, they are rapidly discrediting themselves.

Unfortunately for America (and now the GOP), their main stay has always been tax cuts, which seems to be their answer to everything — even things that are not affected by dollars. That use to be a big drawing card for them. However, as the party evolved, their focus narrowed on who should get tax cuts and who should benefit from them. Today, the GOP singles out only corporations and wealthy people for who should benefit from tax cuts. So they’ve got to either replace their number one policy priority or start giving the working class real tax cuts and access to tax loop holes. However, once the people realized there’d be no one left to pay for government and our debt, that policy would take them down in flames too. (Click below for page 2)


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