GOP Chairman Michael Steele’s New Secret Plan

September 13, 2009

The Facts

“Eliminate all federal farm subsidies; close down Yellowstone and Yosemite national parks; sell off the interstate highway system; and cancel Head Start, subsidized school lunches and the entire college loan program” — deduced from Michael Steele’s op-ed for The Washington Post.

Steven Pearlstein produced these assumptions in this article late last month. He got there by saying Steele’s plan “committed the GOP to spending an ever-increasing share of the federal budget, and the national income, on Medicare. When combined with other Republican promises — to balance the budget, protect defense spending and never, ever raise anyone’s taxes — the inescapable inference is that the government would run out of money for every other domestic program sometime around 2035. Steele’s stunning announcement brings the conservative strategy of ‘starving the beast’ to a new level. Under the guise of protecting the elderly, Republicans hope to realize their dream of eliminating half a dozen Cabinet agencies, firing tens of thousands of government workers and ending government regulation as we know it”.

My View

You might have noticed that I’ve been a fan of Steven Pearlstein’s commentary. Up until the last couple of months, he’s been very fair with both political parties. But last month he kind of got fed up when he wrote a commentary I referenced in this post. It had to do with all the lies the GOP and their crazed followers were spreading about the health care reform bill. So it was with interest I read this latest one.

You have to read Pearlstein’s article a couple of times to grasp what he is saying. But when you do, you can see where he got his remarks in my opening paragraph of this post. He goes on to point out that the GOP health care plan would leave everything just about as it is with “reimbursement rates to doctors, hospitals and drugmakers continu[ing] to rise faster than inflation, regardless of how much they earn or how unnecessary or wasteful the services they provide”.

Pearlstein’s article is so important that you should most certainly read it.


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