Why Rich People Are Rich And Poor People Are Poor

February 1, 2010

Every wonder why rich people are rich and poor people are not? Well, you’ll be very happy to know that the answer has been discovered, and it is extremely simple. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with brains, hard work, higher education, luck or even inheritance. It all boils down to a single factor — ones morals. If you have high moral standards you will become rich; if not, then you’re doomed to always be poor. That’s it! Nothing more. Rich people are rich because they have it and poor people are poor because they don’t. So says Peter Pappas.

I happen to believe that high moral character generally (not always, of course) is a predictor of material success. The ranks of the poor and the middle-class are likewise packed with people who have engaged in morally, socially and theologically questionable or inappropriate behavior.

You see, this is the cancer that’s eating away at our society and destroying our democracy. The world is full of Pappas’s who think they’re better than all those they perceive as “beneath them”, and America has more than its fair share. They also believe the wealthier they become, the wider the “better” gap grows. But that’s nothing new — that belief has been around for thousands of years. So-called royalty of old surely originated this line of thinking.

Pappas quotes a theory to support his convictions, which he claims is widely accepted. But it’s only accepted by those who already share his belief, and he uses the term “widely accepted” only to give it credence. But what he hasn’t accepted, and most likely never will, is that most theories on human behavior and thinking are severely flawed with presupposed results. In those rare times when that isn’t the case, it’s generally a person with a self-declared higher intellect that is trying to justify why they are what they are — or want to be. A major contributing factor is that morals are continually being redefined and/or tweaked by those who loose them bit by bit as they live out their lives.

Pappas believes that “ordinary people” aren’t qualified to run the government. I suspect that had our government not been established by  “ordinary people”, Pappas wouldn’t have the freedom to express his warped sense of beliefs. In fact, if our government has been set up by those people who Pappas describes as worthy to run it, most likely it would have failed within the first few years, if in deed it had ever gotten off the ground.

Sadly enough there are millions of people who agree with Pappas, although they won’t openly admit it. In fact, I seriously doubt you could find more than a half dozen people in Washington today who, in their moments of privacy, doesn’t think along the lines that Pappas does. And probably less in the ranks of the wealthy.

One must remember — history books are full of those who caused great wide-spread harm due to their belief that they were better than others. And most of them started out as little-known Pappas’s.

If you’re really interested, you can read Pappas’ Post.


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