The Health Care Bill Simplified

March 22, 2010

Well, for better or worse, the health care bill has passed — that is, for all practical purposes. Word is that the bill should be on President Obama’s desk within a week or so for signing. Naturally there are a lot of happy folks this morning and a lot of unhappy ones. Each has their reasons for feeling the way they feel. Somewhere in the future — hopefully the near future — the actual truth will be known about how good or bad the bill is and just how much it will cost the public, including individuals. God knows there’s been little of the truth thus far. But for now we have what we have.

The Washington Post has a nice simplified layout of what the bills means, who will be affected and how, and who voted for and against. I’m sure they’ve had this planned for a few days now, but publishing it before the vote would have served no purpose for several reasons, the least not being that everyone had already made their mind up as to what was in it and what was not, all based on their “knowledge” supplied by their favorite talking heads and politicians. Therefore, they would have just dismissed the Post’s layout if they didn’t agree with the results. So now was the right time for the Post to publish it.

Take a look. Maybe — just maybe — it will help your understanding, regardless of whether you were for or against it.

Health Care Bill Simplified



The Health Care Bill Simplified — 1 Comment

  1. I have more of an issue with how it was done than anything. But, I also question the Constitutionality of the individual mandates.

    No doubt health care needed reform, but I think we should have started small. Like, how about hiring more investigators to build cases for prosecution and restitution on Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

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