GOP Depending On GOP Supreme Court To Kill Health Care Reform

March 30, 2010

You may not have read my earlier post on this subject, but there I said the plaintiffs who want to overturn requirements for individuals to purchase health insurance coverage under the new law secretly wanted the case settled by the GOP-friendly Supreme Court. Naturally that was simply a guess on my part based on the obvious, but now the GOP is actually admitting that is their goal. And they’re all but admitting that with Chief Justice John Roberts at the helm, they feel confident of a favorable ruling.

As Alexander Bolton said in this article, “[Republicans] see a potential ally in the Supreme Court”; meaning Roberts, supported by the Republican majority on the court. The only part of that statement I challenge is the use of the word “potential”. No doubt they have good reason to believe they can win, what with the January Supreme Court ruling on unlimited corporate campaign contributions.

Beginning at a slow pace a couple of decades ago, and picking up speed ever since, the courts and political majority in states and at the federal level are making legal decisions and forcing personal beliefs on others based on their own political ideology. Ask most anyone who’s kept up with this and you will get several examples. Being a Texan (by transplant), I’ve already pointed out on at least two occasions that the GOP-controlled government of Texas has rewritten Texas history books to reflect their own political ideology, omitting anything in the books they deemed not conservative enough. This is fastly becoming the newest “law of the land” — politicizing everything.


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