Linda Beale On Middle-Class Taxes And Karl Rove

April 20, 2010

Linda Beale over at ataxingmatter recently posted her take on Karl Rove’s Op-Ed on taxes. She reminds us that as usual Karl Rove is capable of nothing but lies. As the old saying goes, he’d rather climb a 300-foot tree and tell a lie than stand flat-footed on the ground and tell the truth.

As Beale points out, and is well documented, the middle-income family is paying less tax today than they did in 1955, which is a historical low. And that is due to the tax aid handed out by President Obama last year.

On the matter of Rove, I will not expand on what Beale had to say. I simply leave you the link to her post. Read with care, clear head and open-mindedness.


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