The Death of Responsibility

May 21, 2010

Last week the Washington Post published this article on how Toyota had an attack plan against a congressional inquiry into Toyota’s run-a-way autos. Today another article addresses Toyota’s independent investigation into the same problem, which the article says was more of a public relations effort than looking for the root cause. Earlier this month BP, Halliburton and Transocean faced a congressional inquiry on the cause of the accident on Transocean’s Horizon drilling platform and pointed the finger at each other. Now BP is finally admitting that the rate of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico is by far much larger than first admitted. And one must not forget Wall Street’s attitude and actions, exemplified by the poster child Lloyd Blankfein, over the past two years. These, and dozen of other examples that could be used, are stories that point to the underlying problem of the world around us.

If you read the Old Man’s “About CPSN” page you will find my view of what the modern day news media has turned into. The attitude of the news media is that they are not responsible for vastly distorting the news with the intent of promoting their ideology. That is reflected in the fact that when confronted with the distortion, they give you that sheepish smile, and used some excuse such as “spin”, “we’re entertainers”, or some other silly, ignorant copout.

Then there are our politicians who have showed up on the scene over the past 20 to 30 years. None of them are responsible for what they say or what they do. Bush II and his administration is the perfect example. And could our Congressmen and Congresswomen have made it any clearer than they have over the past three years?

Here’s the point — the vast majority of the world’s population, led by far by the US, has become a species of irresponsible beings. We simply refuse to take responsibility for any wrongdoing. Other than reference, when was the last time you heard anyone say ‘ the buck stops here’?

I’ve used this example before: What is the first thing a person says when trying to help an alcoholic or drug addict? “The first step to recovery is admitting to what you are.” A truer statement couldn’t be expressed, and that applies equally to what is happening in our world today. The problems of Toyota, BP, Halliburton, Transocean, Wall Street, the White House, Congress, the news media and all the other unspoken examples can not be fixed until responsibility is accepted.

Many of today’s voters are part of the same generation of irresponsible’s. We insist that all our problems rest on the shoulders of our elected officials, yet we continue to re-elect the same old bunch. We just don’t want to accept any responsibility either.

Ruth Marcus addresses this issue to some extent in her article, “Someone Needs to be in Timeout”. Of course she’s mostly referring to the dishonest and, at time, lies coming out of the mouths of our politicians. She correctly labels it as a childish “me, me, me and no one else” attitude. The Yuppie generation???

Until we adults decide to reverse the trend and start raising generations of people under rule number one — honesty —nothing is going to change. Our children will one day be adults running the world, and we must teach them to accept responsibility for their actions, and make no excuses of why they aren’t. Since we adults can’t seem to adhere to honesty and responsibility, it is left to our children to fix the mess we’ve created.


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