Other Interesting Headlines – Week of June 5, 2010

June 13, 2010

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Alvin M. Green never gave a speech, had a web site, no consultants or even put out lawn signs. In an interview he couldn’t name a single specific thing he’d done to campaign. So how did he manage to get 100,000 votes to win the Democratic Senators nomination in South Carolina and become Republican Senator Jim DeMint’s opponent?  He’s unemployed. He had only $114 in his campaign bank account. Yet he somehow managed to pay the $10,440 campaign filing fee. Other Democrats are calling for an investigation, as is the state’s Democratic Party chairman. Many are wondering if he was a plant by the Republican Party. You see, Greene is black — and it wouldn’t be the first time the SC GOP did that in order to bring out a lot of white voters in the general election to vote for a white Republican.


Now that the tea party (dis)organization has confirmed their agenda of simply being anti-Democrat / pro-Republican, they are basically falling apart. They currently have a 50 percent unfavorable rate, which is up more than 10 percent from just three months ago. Only 36 percent favor them, with only 19 percent doing so reluctantly. They’re even loosing favor with many in the party they truly represent — the Republican Party. They’ve become so disorganized within they can’t even agree on a single candidate in a single state. And some tea party leaders are admitting the bogus group is losing steam. None of this can come as a surprise to anyone who has been really paying attention. All one had to do was see who their sponsors were. And this blog has been noting that since April of last year, just a couple of months after they surfaced.


BP has the worst safety record of any oil company in American history. They account for 97 percent of “egregious willful” violations in refinery’s. Only a small percentage have resulted in fines — fines usually just a fraction of what BP makes. BP even completed a study on how many people they could kill before it became unprofitable. Yet we’ve got millions of people right here in the good old US of A trying to defend them. Silence is acceptance, and the majority of those “defending” them are doing so with their silence. Others are simply making excuses for BP. The biggest quite and excuses are coming from one particular political party. Care to guess which party that is?


Some politicians want to take away the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate greenhouse gases. They say this “will ultimately endanger job creation, economic growth and America’s competitiveness”. I say let’em. It’s better to wait until irreversible damage is done before we act — oooops — I mean react. You know — like the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


Want to know why Wall Streeter’s don’t worry about breaking the law? (I mean in addition to knowing they will be bailed out with taxpayer money when they go broke.) It’s because they know they will pay only a fraction of their profits in fines when caught. Take Countrywide for instance. They made billions of dollars by scamming the housing industry, home buyers and investors. Yet they were recently fined only $108 million. And Angelo R. Mozilo, founder and CEO, has yet to pay a personal price for his crimes. Others went on to start another company to do the same thing. But we taxpayers got “satisfaction” from our government officials (SEC), so we ought to be happy. Right???


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