Remembering Blankenship And Massey Energy

July 27, 2010

Who can forget Massey Energy’s coal mine murders? Or maybe better put, why are we forgetting? Thankfully a few are not. And Massey’s CEO, Don Blankenship, is supplying the fodder to remind us.

Blankenship “must have no sense of shame” according to Dana Milbank. And why would Milbank, or anyone else for that matter, think for a moment Blankenship has any shame given his history of murder.

Blankenship said at the National Press Club that the outrage about the death of 29 mine workers at the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia was a “knee-jerk political reaction”, and is now demanding that President Obama lighten regulations over the mining industry. He thinks the industry should be left alone “to function”. In the commoners’ words, “if I need to kill a few hundred people to make money, then that’s the price I’m willing for my employees to pay”.

Blankenship is blaming the Mine Safety and Health Administration for his problems. He says he should have sued the MSHA, and will in the future if that’s what it takes for him to “pursue [his] career and happiness”.

Milbank gives us much more insight on Massey Energy. He also reminds us about the hypocrisy of the Chamber of Commerce, who constantly preaches debt reduction then demand that the government help pay for the BP oil spill and clean-up. Naturally the Chamber has the support of Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner, who also believes taxpayers should pay for the mess.

Sooooo!! Do I see a pattern here, or am I just imagining things? Are businesses insisting on breaking our laws, murdering people, destroying others and the environment, then demanding to be left alone, but expects taxpayers to pay for their mistakes? And is there a particular political party that feels the same way? I don’t know!!

Anyway, you should scroll back up and click the link to Milbank’s short article — unless, of course, you’re not interested in facts.


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