Who Believes Obama Is Muslim?

August 19, 2010

Over the past two and one-half years there has been an increase in Americans who think President Obama is a Muslim. The Pew Research Center has been conducting a poll on this matter since March 2008, with the latest coming this month. Of course, only 100 people were questioned in each of the surveys, but that’s the way most of them are conducted. However, people pay attention to these surveys’s and draw conclusions based on them.

The chart at the left (from survey) shows 18 percent currently believe Obama is Muslim compared to 43 percent saying they don’t know what his religion is. 34 percent believe he is Christian.

The Obama family has made it clear they are Protestant Christians. That’s probably true — who can forget the flap over Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s Pastor for 20 years. But it doesn’t matter to some what the facts are — their politics gets in the way of their sanity.

The Old Man has insisted for decades that people will find a way to justify their desired belief in the absence of hard facts. And it is in this manner that many believe Obama is Muslim. When asked why one believes Obama is Muslim, you will get a wide variety of “proof”. His name is always the first. That is typically followed up with other things such as him attending a Muslim school in Jakarta. The fact that he also attended a Catholic school in Jakarta is never acknowledged. All these “proofs” by the vast majority is just a regurgitation of spoof emails and doctored pictures. But sometimes un-doctored photos are used.

There are those who, when asked what their proof is, will produce the picture of Obama preparing to enter the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. Obama was removing his shoes, which is the tradition of respect when entering a Mosque. To not do so is a major insult, which no American President would ever do. Obama’s visit to Istanbul on April 7 was part of a European tour that Obama took early last year. Of course, what is never mentioned by the “proofers” is that the Mosque is more than 400 years old and a major tourist attraction.

I suppose if a picture was taken of Obama entering the Vatican in Italy he would be declared a Catholic. Or maybe a picture of him praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem would make him a Jew.

What about some of our past Presidents?

Maybe George W. Bush is a Muslim because he held hands with King Abdullah of the House of Saud, or because he spoke at a rededication of a Mosque in Washington. Or a Communist because he wore a Vietnamese robe along side Vladimir Putin in Hanoi (North Vietnam). Makes one wonder what people would have thought of Bush if his last name was spelled “Busch”. Would they have declared him a Nazi?

The bottom line is that the vast majority of those who believe Obama is a Muslim take their belief from the most ridicules of the ridicules. They certainly can’t get their “proof” from anything else. In most cases it’s because they either hate the Democrats or black people; probably both. What would really be interesting is if the Pew Research Center would ask those who say Obama is Muslim what they base their accusation on. Now that would make an interesting survey.


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