News Hits of the Day – October 13, 2010

The GOP’s Disastrous Ideas: Why Brazil, India, and China will be thrilled if Republicans win the midterms.

“There you go again.” Those now-famous words pretty much sealed the deal in the Ronald Reagan-Jimmy Carter debate in 1980 and proved what we have seen over and over: In politics, charm and wit usually count more than facts and logic. After Reagan’s victory, we set out on a path of deregulation and tax cuts, a 30-year run on borrowed money and borrowed time that ended horribly in 2008. And what do Republicans offer now? The Pledge to America, the guiding document of the surging Tea Party, and the resurgent Republican Party, is about as vapid a document as one can imagine. It is nothing more than an offer of candy to kids on Halloween, with no concerns about what happens after the sugar high wears off. Its numbers simply do not add up, and its deregulatory language is remarkable in the context of the past several years we have lived through.”

What else did we expect? The GOP hasn’t had an original idea in over 30 years. They intend to live and let us die with tax cuts for the “cream of the crop”, paid for by borrowing trillions more from China, Brazil and India, privatizing Social Security, Medicare / Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration; add a nip or two at “see, we’re cutting spending” with “cuts in the National Endowment for the Arts and public radio to the tune of $250 million”. Long live the GOP and the past three decades!


 A Preview of Budget Cuts: Stop Prosecuting Arrests for Heroin, Shoplifting, Hit and Run, Prostitution

Multnomah County, Oregon, ………will no longer go after low-level drug offenders and thieves as well as other violators of the law:

People will only be cited and will not serve jail time for breaking such laws as

  • drug possession (small amounts)
  • shoplifting (first or second offense) less than $250
  • resisting arrest
  • hit and run (if it turns out they have insurance).
  • exposure of genitalia in the presence of children
  • animal abuse
  • prostitution

Oh, yeah! There’s more! Nothing like giving a green light to criminals.


Justice Thomas’s Wife’s Organization’s Funders

Do you recall that small minor thing called the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Committee? Augh, come on! You know! The one everybody’s talking about during this election cycle? OK, OK, I’ll remind you! Corporations, both domestic and foreign, can contribute all the money they want toward electing who they want, and they don’t even have to tell us who they are. Right! Right! That’s the one! Well, guess what? One of those Supreme Court Justice’s who voted in favor of the ruling — Clarence Thomas — has a wife, Virginia, who “owns” one of those organizations and can collect and spend all that money. “She established a radical right-wing organization, Liberty Central, that opposes the “tyranny” of the Democrats and has been seeded with $550,000 from undisclosed donors.” [bold emphasis / link added] Do you suppose that’s maybe — just maybe — a conflict of interest? Only if he and she were a Democrat. And for all you racist out there — Judge Thomas is black and Mrs. Thomas is – is – is ——— white! “Oh, Lord, help me; what must I feel?The happy couple.


 Sharron Angle’s Huge Haul

Talk about going after the current Senate Majority Leader in a “big” way. Sharron Angle raised $14 million during the three-month period beginning in July. That’s about $1 million each week. I don’t know; that may be some sort of record! “Poor” old Harry Reid — he should be worried. We all know its money that wins an election; not issues.


Tom Coburn Predicts No Private Health Insurance Soon

“The sky is falling!” The end is near!” “We’re all doomed!” and whatever else you can think of, Tom Coburn has already used it. Now it’s “there will be no [health] insurance industry left in three years.” You might remember that Coburn asked people to pray that, indirectly, Senator Robert Byrd would die so he couldn’t vote for health care reform. And, that health care reform meant the elderly would “die sooner”. OK, here’s the Old Man’s prediction, and I can assure you mine has a million to one better chance of coming true than Coburn’s: There will be no signs of a democracy in the United States in 20 years.


Double Standard: Fox Fear Mongers About ‘Ground Zero Mosque’s’ Foreign Funding, But Defends The Chamber’s

Good grief!!! We’re talking about Fox “Republican Party” Nukes here. What else did anyone expect? It’s to nauseating to comment further. Just read it. If nothing else, it includes a nice Jon Stewart video.


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