News Hits of the Day – October 23, 2010

Governor Bobby Jindal’s ‘Idiotic Proposal’ Report

Certainly you recall seeing Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana hammering the Obama administration about holding back money to build his sand bars to hold back the oil from the BP oil spill. Well, here’s the report on how effective it’s been.

Remember Bobby Jindal’s idiotic proposal to build sand berms to stop the flow of oil from BP’s leaking well? Well, here’s how badly it worked:

So far, the berms have captured only 1,000 barrels of oil, according to official estimates, compared with the nearly five million barrels believed to have spewed from the BP well over all. By contrast, more than 800,000 barrels of oil were captured by BP at the wellhead, and roughly 270,000 barrels of oil were burned off by Coast Guard vessels offshore. Skimming operations, meanwhile, recovered at least 34 million gallons of oil-water mixture.

The cost of Bobby’s dumb idea? $240 million so far with $120 million more to go. That is a cost of $360,000 per barrel of oil! Talk about government waste! I’ll guarantee you this: before this thing is done, we’re going to find out that Bobby’s idiotic idea actually ended up lining the pockets of one of his biggest political contributors.


Karl Rove’s “Old View” of Outside Campaign Funding

After the 2004 election concluded, Rove was asked how he felt about the impact of outside groups spending millions of dollars to shape the outcome of elections. “I am a firm believer in strong (political) parties, and things that weaken the parties and place the outcome of elections in the hands of billionaires who can write checks and political consultants who can get themselves hired by billionaires who write the checks, give me some concern.”

Rove’s expected to raise $250 million from the billionaires to buy Congress this year. So much for being concerned about the continued existence of our democracy.


 Tax the Poor to Promote Growth?

Conservatives keep saying everybody should pay income taxes. That’s a tax hike. That’s added complexity. That doesn’t create more jobs. But it might create more Republicans.


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