News Hits of the Day – November 9, 2010

GOP Plan: Give the Rich More Money and We’ll Make Up for It By Taking Away From the Poor

This is only one example, but the theme is well established.


Supreme Court Listens to AT&T Arguments Banning Class Action Suits

“If AT&T has its way, the telecom giant and other corporations won’t be subject to class-action lawsuits by consumers. Restricting class action lawsuits could lead to businesses engaging in more unfair or deceptive practices.”

And guess who’s leading the charge? Why, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, that’s who!

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t already know which way the GOP’s Supreme Court is going to rule on this one?


Now House Republican leader wants to choose the House Democratic leader!!!

“Gotta hand it to Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), who joins Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell (Ky.) in breaking a major Republican campaign pledge almost after immediately after the election. While McConnell says the first priority is not finding jobs, but destroying President Obama in 2012, Cantor wants to choose the leader of the Democrats in the House. Gotta love these guys, they sure do violate their promises real quick.” [bold added]


Obama, Wall Street, and the Voters: Good News and Really Bad News

“Voters on Tuesday were given three choices about who to blame for the great recession: Wall Street, Bush, or Obama. The largest number, as many commentators noted, blamed Wall Street: 35 per cent. Second came Bush at 29 percent. Obama was last, at 23 per cent. So only a few voters hold Obama responsible for “current economic problems.”

That’s the good news.

Here’s the bad news: among those who blamed Wall Street, 56 per cent voted Republican.” [bold added]


SEC Did Nothing to Stop Stanford Ponzi Scheme for Years

How many reports like this do we have to see before we become convinced that the SEC is a bought and paid for department of the government. I hardly see why John Boehner and the GOP want to get rid of them, but if this is an example of the kind of work they do, why not? It would save tens of millions each year in taxpayer cost. Of course, that’s not the reason for the GOP wanting to rid them selves of the SEC.


Goldman Fined $650,000 for Disclosure Violation

Man, this will hurt! NOT!! That amounts to less than one-tenth of one percent of Goldman’s profits during that time. Hell, Lloyd Blankfein could pay that out of his petty cash fund.


Darrell Issa wants to hold 280 investigative hearings

I suppose remembering how “successful” they were in turning the Bill Clinton’s years into a unjustified witch hunt that netted — NOTHING — at a cost of $100 million — , they figure they’ll quadruple down on Obama. It will produce nothing either, but they’ll spend 400 or 500 million of taxpayer dollars just to distract from what they’re slipping through the back door. And there are enough millions of voters who will accommodate them, and will blame the Democrats in later years when they find out that the laws the GOP enacted is destroying them.


House Republicans Name Program That Already Expired As First Spending Item They Would Cut

So damn typical of the GOP!


Watchdogs worry over future of congressional ethics office

Might as well quit worrying. They’re gonna do it. Republicans have a lot more to worry about from an ethics committee than do Democrats.


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