Revisiting the Fabrication of Cause for War with Iraq

November 10, 2010

Just three days into the Bush administration, the documents released by the National Security Archive show, U.S. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell had already been made aware that regime change in Iraq would be a primary focus of Bush policy. The administration’s intent to have its way, by opinion manipulation if necessary, is indicated by its determination to exploit the perceived propaganda value of certain aluminum tubes seized in the summer of 2001, even before any technical evaluation of their utility in Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) programs had been completed. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld issued his first instructions regarding an Iraq war plan to the Joint Chiefs of Staff on September 29, 2001–even as the first CIA teams arrived in Afghanistan and before the United States had begun bombarding that country. From December 2001 on the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) revised and refined attack options, continually prodded by Rumsfeld.” [bold emphasis added]

The above is the second paragraph of an article by John Prados published on Nieman Watchdog’s website. Prados’ article is a recap of things learned from a three-part series of documents released in early October of this year by the National Security Archive (copies placed on this website for posterity: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3; all PDF).

George W. Bush came into office in 2000 with the full intent to go to war with Iraq. I’ve said that several times before, the latest being here in August of this year. The reason was that he intended to punish Saddam Hussein for the supposed attempted assassination on the elder Bush when he was president. Now, with the release of these records, there’s absolutely no question that he had made that decision prior to taking office. Whether or not his reason was what I and others say it was, records now prove he already had it planned before becoming President.

As for the so-called attempted assassination on his father being his motivation, Bush did say in 2002 about Hussein, “After all, this is the guy who tried to kill my dad.” However, that was in doubt at the time, and became more doubtful after the US conquered the Saddam regime.

In 2008 Newsweek published this report, which was a result of a released Pentagon report taken from 600,000 pages of capture Iraqi documents, as well as thousands of hours of audio and video tapes of Saddam’s conversations with people within his inter circle. What they found was the Iraqi government was very meticulous in documenting just about everything, including assassinations and assassination attempts. And there is not one single reference to an attempt on George H.W. Bush’s life.

The reports from the Archives show how Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney influenced the British government in joining forces with them to drum up fabricated evidence to justify the attack on Iraq. The British misrepresented their own intelligence so that it would line up with what Bush wanted.

Other evidence in the documents show there were those in government who guessed that both American and British Muslims would become radical if Iraq was attacked. Later evidence of Muslim activity confirmed the guess was correct.

George W. Bush is currently making all the circuits promoting his book; a book he hopes will build his legacy (his words, not mine). Nothing like writing your own legacy, I say. It will most certainly be a positive one. But Bush is nothing more than a war criminal who spent a trillion dollars of taxpayers’ money and murdered 4,400-plus American soldiers and tens of thousands of foreigners — so far — to do what any typical school yard bully would do.


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