Texas Environmental Quality Commission Doctored Drinking Water Reports (Videos)

November 27, 2010

KHOU television in Houston Texas completed an investigation earlier this month on the water quality in and around the Gulf Coast (video reports below). But the most alarming finding was in Texas.

……for the past 20 years the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality under-reported the amount of radiation found in drinking water provided by communities all across Texas. As a result, health risks to people consuming the water have been underestimated in many water systems where radioactive contaminants are present.”[bold added]

Having had some very personal and up-close experience with our own local water supplier where I live in Orange, Texas, that is extremely easy to believe. The locally-owned water system requires heavy home filtration just to remove the iron particles, rust and other solids in our water. In spite of that, about a year ago the owners — two brothers — managed to get the Public Utility Commission of Texas to let them more than double our monthly charges, while ignoring hundreds of complaints.

Evidently the personal problem I just described isn’t out of the ordinary for Texas. The investigation by KHOU-TV proves that. If the Commission is willing to cover up the amount of radiation in our water, then what’s a little iron, rust and other unknown solids?

OK, so let’s bring politics into this picture. The first question you might ask is who has been the governor of Texas over the past 20 years. Here they are in reverse order:

  • Rick Perry – Republican – December 2000 to present (recently reelected)
  • George W. Bush – Republican – January 1995 to December 2000
  • Ann Richards – Democrat – January 1991 to January 1995
  • Bill Clements – Republican – January 1987 to January 1991

Below is a three-part video series of KHOU-TV’s investigation. In case you have forgotten or never knew what “Investigative Journalism” is, this is it.

Radiation In Tap Water – Part 1

State “Lowballs” Radiation Scores – Part 2

Radiation In Houston’s Tap Water – Part 3


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