Citigroup’s Plutonomy Reports – Update No. 2

June 16, 2011

The Citigroup Plutonomy reports are no longer available at CPS News. Read this post for an explanation.

January 3, 2011

Although Citigroup’s Plutonomy reports from 2005 are not getting any where near the attention they should be, they have gotten some attention. In fact, Citigroup, in trying to erase history, has gone to great efforts to remove the reports from the Internet.

The reports first appeared on Scribd, which is a free upload site. As such, the reports could be downloaded. Although the first report of October 16, 2005 is still available at Scribd the second report, which was published earlier in March 2006, has been removed at the request of Citigroup, claiming copyright infringements.

To the current point. There are literally dozens of web sites that have copies of the Plutonomy reports, including the Old Man’s. However, that isn’t stopping Citigroup from trying to remove the reports. Therefore, don’t be surprised if they threaten legal action if the reports aren’t removed from our sites. In the meantime, feel free to download a copy from CPS News.

While you are here, enjoy the related video below (The video quality isn’t all that great, but if you will start the video then pause it for a few seconds to allow the loading to get ahead of the play, it will be much better).



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