Let The Cuts Begin

January 6, 2011

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has thrown the first axe at Social Security. He is threatening to hold up the process of increasing the national debt limit unless — he gets cuts to Social Security.

Graham is from South Carolina, and has been in Congress since 1995. He was last elected to the Senate in 2008 and will face re-election in 2014. In 2008 he received 57.5% of the votes against Democrat Bob Conley who got 42%. Obviously we don’t know how many seniors or soon-to-be seniors voted for him in 2008 (there are approximately 624,890 people age 65 or older today), but this is their reward — cutting their Social Security along with all other seniors in the country.

Obviously everyone in the country knows the two real targets in the GOP’s sites are Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. Nothing would please them more than ending those programs, which has been their life-long ambition. But they have to ease into it, chipping away bit by bit, while at the same time convincing everyone that it’s in the best interest of the seniors. Naturally, the “fix” will be structured so that it greatly enhances their wealthy corporate masters. But they will be victorious; the propaganda machine — and the assimilated blind patsy voters — will make sure they are.


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