The Financial Rewards of Being a Supreme Court Justice

February 6, 2011

It’s good to be a king — uh, Supreme Court Justice. Even better if you’re a GOP justice.

Justice Clarence Thomas married Virginia “Ginni” Lamp in 1987. She’s turned out to be a great investment. That’s confirmed by the $680,000 Ginni received from the Heritage Foundation between 2003 and 2007; money that Justice Thomas conveniently forgot to declare on his disclosure forms. How accommodating.

What one must know about the Heritage Foundation is that they’re an extremist “think tank”. I put “think tank” in parenthesis because their objective is to come up with ways to take from the working-class and give to the rich. One of the original funding father’s of Heritage Foundation was Richard Mellon Scaife. That alone should be enough to scare the hell out of you.

So why did Justice Thomas decide to not report his wife’s income from the Foundation? It’s quite simple; it’s in direct violation of ethics and code of conduct. But having gotten away with that without any consequences, his wife has now turned to an even bigger pay check for peddling influence over her husband.

Wife Thomas is now a (tea party) lobbyist working for Liberty Consulting. She is touted as having “the right connections” in the government’s “Executive and Legislative Branches”; but no mention of the third branch — Judicial — where her husband goes to work every day.

As Politico put it, she / he “show[s] a new level of arrogance of just not caring that the court is being politicized and how that undermines the historic image of the Supreme Court as being above the political fray.”

The “just not caring” is due in great part to the limited outrage the public showed with the Court’s ruling early last year declaring corporations have the same rights as humans. Had just one-half of the Republican voting public stood up against that ridicules idea, the court would have had no choice but to eventually reverse it. But the court saw the lack of public concern as a green light. As they see it now, they have no limits.

Ginni Thomas’ own lobbying group, Liberty Central, was the recipient of one of the largest confidential donations last year. Two unnamed donors contributed $550,000 to Liberty Central, with $500,000 coming from just one source. However, it has been learned since that the big donor was none other than Harlan Crow, who evidently admires past and present tyrants of the world including Vladimir Lenin, one of the worst in history, and Fidel Castro.

Appearances also suggest that Ginni Thomas’ good fortune stems from the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission ruling by the Supreme Court. The unleashing of huge corporate money during elections comes from a bottomless pit, but the donors want the money spent wisely anyway. Ginni Thomas will be expected to play a big role in directing a lot of those expenditures. And she and her Supreme-Court-Justice husband will reap great rewards for her efforts.


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