Sunday Talk Shows: Where’s The Democrats?

February 14, 2011

For that matter, where’s the non-partisan news media.

Yesterday not one single major talk show had a Democrat on to discuss the issues of the day. This is not just a coincidence; Democrats are getting less and less coverage by the press unless they’re the subject of criticism.

Meet the Press: Halperin, Speaker Boehner, Ambassador Indyk, Mayor Reed, Rep. Schilling, Brooks, Dee Dee Myers

Fox News Sunday: Gov. Barbour, Rep. Ryan

Face the Nation: Sen. McCain, Ahmed Zewail

This Week: Ehud Barak, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty

State of the Union: Ambassadors Walker and Negroponte, Sen. Graham

Being an “old” stock car fan, I recall a comment from the 1980’s by an ex-driver-turned-announcer. That was an era when Bill Elliot was dominating the Winston Cup Series (now called Sprint Cup) for many months. The announcer made the comment “well, it’s Sunday; let’s go to the races and watch Elliot win again.” This talk-show issue is a very similar situation. As one writer put it “if it’s Sunday, its meet the Republicans.”

Of course, this is nothing unusual for Fox Faux; everyone knows who and what they are. But there was a time that major networks and cable news channels were unbiased. However, that’s not true anymore. Self-serving news reporting is the order of the day.

Speaking of “old times”, there was a time when CNN was about the most neutral news organization there was. That, too, is no longer the case. CNN is rapidly becoming another right-wing news channel. You could see that coming over the past two years. And the transition is nearing completion.

Back in December CNN announced they were teaming up with the tea party for “a first-of-its-kind” presidential primary debate. With that, CNN unofficially announced they had aligned it self with the right. Not one single tea party leader or prominent member has denied they are nothing more than an extension of the GOP. Now, with the latest move by CNN, the transformation has taken one more step.

Do you know who Andrew Breitbart is? He’s the one who set up Shirley Sherrod, the Department of Agriculture employee who was fired by President Obama. It was his edited video of her that caused all the controversy, and eventual apology by the agriculture department and Obama. (Now she’s suing the bastard; successfully, we hope.) Breitbart is also the one who made a video with a woman posing as a prostitute seeking advice from ACORN. The video was edited extensively in an effort to embarrass ACRON. Breitbart is a well-known right-wing operative. Well, guess what? CNN is hiring Breitbart’s editor-in-chief, Dana Loesch, and she’s a tea party co-founder.  So look out Fox Faux! With Comcast / NBC and CNN, you’ve got competition now on who can spin and promote the GOP and slander the Democrats the best!


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