In Georgia You Will Go To Prison for Miscarriage If GOP’er Franklin Has His Way

February 25, 2011

I suppose, in two ways, this hits too close to home for me to ignore.

My oldest daughter and her husband dearly love children and looked forward to having their own. She had two miscarriages before she had her first child. Another miscarriage came before her second. Had we still lived in Georgia and if Republican Representative Bobby Franklin passed his law before this all happened, my daughter could be in prison or even sentenced to death.

[The bill] would require proof that a miscarriage occurred naturally. If a woman can’t prove that her miscarriage–or spontaneous abortion–occurred without intervention, she could face felony charges.

Franklin has become — shall we say “famous” — for his far-right wing radical bills, but this one may take the cake. Franklin is from the 43rd district of Georgia, and I’m sure his constitutes in and around Dekalb and Rockdale counties (metro Atlanta) are very proud of him; that is, those who voted him into office.

Welcome to the GOP’s perfect world!


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