Republicans Are ‘Worried’

This deserved soooooo much more than just a headline mention.

GOP leaders have recently begun inserting the word “jobs” into talking points, floor statements and press conferences. They acknowledge that they haven’t done a good enough job framing the current debate over spending as an economic issue. [bold added]

As Daily Kos puts it:

I can’t wait to hear them talk about how having emergency meetings to defund NPR, banning family planning funding, kicking kids off of Head Start, attacking Planned Parenthood, funding contraception for horses, staging hearings to accuse American Muslims of being terrorists, protecting subsidies for big oil, talking about impeaching Obama over DOMA, reading an edited version of the Constitution, and cutting tsunami preparedness funding are actually job creation measures for anybody other than GOP consultants.

But then, of course, all their friends have jobs — and plenty of money. So why should they worry about jobs; especially for people they despise. Oh! Foolish me! They need somebody to pay taxes!


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