A Road Map to Fascism – (UPDATED)

March 21, 2011

If you tend to visit casinos and don’t already know, you should be very aware that the house is highly favored to win. Although there’s a chance the player can occasionally win, the casino is always guaranteed to win; it’s just a matter of odds. This seems to be the lesson the Grand Old Party (GOP) is taking to heart.

In the case of a casino, it’s just a matter of setting up the game, and winning can be accomplished over night — literally. To change a democracy — or Republic — to something different, a lot of changes have to be made, and, for appearance sake, must be done carefully and slowly over time, reflecting the epitome of virtuous patience’s.

So what would it take to accomplish a goal of absolute and continued political dominance yet still be able to claim you’re a democracy “because the people ‘voted’ you into power”? Some planning; some rare circumstances you could take advantage of; a huge amount of aggression; and measurable luck. But it could be done.

Although most of us know that money equals power, what most of us don’t know is the extent of that power. And the more wealth, the more power — and its reach.

It’s reasonable to think that those with vast amounts of money never knew exactly how much power they had until they accumulated all that wealth. Maybe it was only afterwards that they realized there was absolutely no limit to their “buying” power.

The headlines over the past 20 years or so, when viewed collectively, could easily be interpreted as a movement to permanently capture political power. This has no resemblance to a conspiracy — at least not in the true definition of the word. It’s a simple matter of: taking advantage of past accomplishments; some unforeseen and foreseen circumstances; a little luck; and the political atmosphere of the time. Kind of like what’s going on now in some Middle- and Far-East countries.

The Old Man has assembled many of those pertinent headlines and organized them into a — well, a flow chart of sorts. Unfortunately the flow chart will not fit into this post; therefore it is a stand-alone PDF document. Just as unfortunate, the links provided in the flow chart will open in the same window. So if you click on one of the links, you will have to click the back-button to return to the flow chart. My apologies for that, but it’s the best I could do for now. Click the image below and enjoy.

Update 1

Totalitarian Democracy – “Those of us who have wondered how fascism would come, if and when it came, did not sufficiently credit the possibility that it would arrive through the process of law and “freely chosen” representatives of the people.”

The Continuing Death of the Federal Elections Committee – “[W]e have a Federal Election Commission which is governed by six commissioners, three from each party with four votes required to take formal action, and when the Republicans don’t want to enforce the law, it might as well not exist.”

Citizens United Didn’t Give Enough Away to Far Right, Corporate Interests – “Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that allows unlimited corporate spending in ‘independent’ political advertising isn’t enough for conservative political activists, Politico reports. They’re pushing every possible angle to ‘eliminate the remaining laws restricting the flow of money into politics’.”


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