Terry Jones: Murderer By Another Name (UPDATES)

April 2, 2011

We can add the so-called “Reverend” Terry Jones to the long list of those who have used the Bible to justify murder “in the name of God”.

A couple of weeks ago Jones followed through on his promise to burn a Quran, the Holy Book of Islam. In retaliation of Jones’ actions protesters in Afghanistan murdered as many as 20 people yesterday. Eight of them were said to be United Nations staff members and two were beheaded. No doubt we will be hearing other reports of the same thing in other Muslim countries; and quite possibly, right here in the USA.

I could write for hours on the subject of those who have used a Holy Book to justify murder and hundreds of other atrocities throughout the history of mankind. In fact, I’ve been working on a post on that subject for some time and will publish it in the near future.

UPDATE 1 – April 3, 2011: Reuters has reported that 10 more people have been murdered and 83 wounded in the 2nd day of protest over Jones’ burning of the Quran. That brings the total to at-least 30 that Jones should be officially charged with.

UPDATE 2 – April 3, 2011: The New York Times reports that protest over the Quran burning has gone into a third day. At least 24 deaths are now attributed to Jones’ action. May Jones “rest” in hell.



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  1. I’ve been following the machinations of Terry Jones for some time and believe me when I say that he is simply a Fudd:

    There are two types of Christofascists: there are the Elmer Gantrys, the ones who find a niche (usually a hate group) and fill it with as much hate as it can eat. Then there are the others: the Elmer Fudds, who will believe anyone as long as they say “Bible” “God” “Jesus” “Ung ga-ga Ung ga-ga” enough times and in the most emphatic voice.

    I am also an ordained minister whose new ministry is comprised of The Church of the Inner Preacher (no proselytizing) and exposing all the hypocrisies of the Christian Right. Go to my website (http://thedevilanddanvojir.blogspot.com) and you will find the first “culpability poll” for Terry Jones.

    Anyway, the increase in the death toll points out one thing: we must make people like Terry Jones (a Fudd) and Tony Perkins (A Gantry) accountable, and the only way is to insist that they be tried for various crimes. Of course, it would be really hard to do it to Tony Perkins, but not quite as difficult to do it to Jones. The Charge? Not murder, not manslaughter, but reckless endangerment!

    Do you know of a group or possible group that would get together for such a task: trying Terry Jones, taking him to court, making him accountable. Several countries are now trying to do just that, but I can’t see them as taking on U>S> volunteers.

    In any case, please let me know. I think I have something to offer.

    Rev. Dan Vojir

    PS: you can also read my latest article for OpEdNews here: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Is-the-Murder-of-7-UN-Work-by-Rev-Dan-Vojir-110402-330.html

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