GOP Plan: Kill Democrats Golden Geese

April 12, 2011

Last month I put together this post on America’s transitioning to fascism. The plan is to make it almost impossible for any party other than the GOP to be elected at both the federal and state level. And it’s working very well; maybe even better than expected.

Today Mother Jones published a follow-up to one of their earlier articles which expands on the major tool being used by the GOP. “Defunding the Left” is the principle target of the plan.

“Battles over competing priorities are the meat and drink of politics. Conservatives want to defund Planned Parenthood, liberals want to cut defense spending. But Republican strategists have long understood that there’s a deeper level to politics, one where the goal isn’t merely to fight the opposition’s agenda, but to actively undermine the infrastructure and funding that allow the opposing party to exist at all. In the past, the GOP has focused on three primary defunding strategies: Killing off private sector unions, packing minority voters into gerrymandered districts, and championing tort reform as a way of eating into the earnings of defense attorneys”.

One morning, in the not-too-far-off-future, Republican voters are going to wake up, look at their life and ask “how the hell did this happen; I can’t believe my own party turned on me!!” But that is exactly what will happen. Once they used their constituents to obtain permanent power, the GOP will throw them out like a dirty old newspaper.


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