Those Wisconsin ‘Fiscal Conscious’ Republicans Willing to Stiff Taxpayers for More Than $500K to Run Fake Democrats in Recall Elections

June 15, 2011

Don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on in Wisconsin or not, but if not, you should get caught up on the happenings their. In a nutshell the Republican Governor, Scott Walker, and his Republican-controlled legislature has attempted to turn Wisconsin into the first state of full-fledged fascism; all at the behest of the Koch brothers. The biggest move was to bust the public unions because that was what the Koch brothers wanted. So a recall is on to vote out several Republican legislators and replace them with Democrats. In an attempt to stack the deck, Republicans have decided to run a bunch of fake Democratic candidates in the districts of recall.

The Republicans want to trigger a Democratic primary election which will then require a general election at a later date. Their objective is to buy some time to campaign. So if they can split the Democratic vote among several candidates in any given district the first time around, then that will be considered a primary election and a general election will be required. Thus the reason for “fake” Democrat candidates.

To reiterate; the “justification” for the union-busting in that state was to reduce the states deficit. Walker and the other Republicans insist the unions are a major cause of the deficits. So according to them, they have to “quit ‘wasting’ taxpayer money”.

Now about the cost of running those fake Democrats.

The elections clerk for Wisconsin has run the numbers and estimated that it will cost Wisconsin taxpayers at least $428,000which is just a partial figure — for those “deficit conscious” Republicans to run fake Democrats and trigger two elections.

So much for Wisconsin’s “fiscal conscious” Republicans. Of course, it was never about the deficit in the first place; by their own admission, it was to defeat President Obama in the 2012 Presidential election.


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