House Republicans Censor Democrats’ Letters Intended For Democratic Constituents Can You Imagine the National Outrage Had Democrats Done This To Republicans?

June 16, 2011

We already know the GOP is doing everything they can to fix it so they will have perpetual power in Washington. A part of that is controlling the information commoners have access to. Today the House Republicans took that to the next level.

A letter written by Democratic Representative Gerald E. Connolly of Virginia to his constituents was edited by the Republicans. The letter was about the Medicare plan proposed by the GOP. The Republicans didn’t like what he said so they changed it to make the letter more Republican-friendly. Connolly said this was “intolerable” and referred to the action as “like Soviet censorship”; which is exactly what it is.

There hasn’t been a single report on this from any of the mainstream media. But can you imagine what the reaction would have been had the Democrats did something similar when they were the majority in the House? Hell, the news media would have gone berserk and there would have been a civil war.

Folks, you better start speaking up! The Republicans are hell-bent on turning our country into a place where no one will have a say except them, the corporations and the wealthy. You may be a die-hard Republican supporter, but when they’re through with you they’ll come after you as well. WAKE UP!

Watch the video.


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