GOP Representative: No Energy Conservation Programs By DOE

July 16, 2011

Sometimes you read an article that just really gets under your skin. And that was my reaction when I read this one by Politico.

Sandy Adams, Republican Representative from Florida, “introduced an amendment to the Energy and Water spending bill that would limit funds for any DOE website “which disseminates information regarding energy efficiency and educational programs to children or adolescents”.

Let me see if I understand this. If Adams has her way, the federal government’s Department of Energy would not be allowed to give out any information on how to save energy, nor would they be allowed to participate in teaching our youth about saving and / or conserving energy. Another way of saying it is that with the world running out of fossil energy, Adams doesn’t want energy conservation discussed by the Department of ENERGY or our kids educated on saving energy. WHY NOT!!??  And don’t tell me she’s simply trying to “save” money; not with her voting to keep subsidizing the oil, gas and coal industry with billions of dollars every year.

There is only one logical conclusion: Adams is trying to protect her close corporate friends.


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