Let’s Talk About The Tea Party Make-Up

August 3, 2011

When the tea party suddenly appeared in early 2009 with their “patriotic concerns” over our nation’s debt, I was very puzzled to say the least. I was not one of those folks who had “suddenly discovered” our predicament. I had been painfully aware of the excessive spending that had taken place over the past 30 years, and in particular, the past eight years. But these new-comers had not been heard from before. However, since it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure them out, their cause soon became clear.

I first questioned the tea party’s agenda back in April 2009, and later, more in-depth. But it took the southern tea partier’s to really open my eyes.

The tea party movement has two groups — each with their own agenda; the top commanders, whose sole priority is to remove Democrats from power at any cost, and the “followers”. The majority of the latter has a slightly different priority which is to remove a black man from the White House – at any cost. I’ve said so many times and, as time goes by, evidence keeps piling up to support that claim.

As I’ve pointed out twice before, immediately after signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson is reported to have said “We just lost the south for the next 50 years”. And that prediction was proven out by the south’s big swing to the right beginning soon after the bill became law. Now, today’s geographic makeup of tea party members is further proof that southern racism still exist.

Michael Lind recently told us that “the goal, methods and passions of the Tea Party in the House are all characteristic of the radical Southern right. Today’s Tea Party movement is merely the latest of a series of attacks on American democracy by the white Southern minority. …while there may be Tea Party sympathizers throughout the country, in the House of Representatives the Tea Party faction that has used the debt ceiling issue to plunge the nation into crisis is overwhelmingly Southern in its origins.

Take a look at the two latest graphs from Lind.

A World of Progress describes the tea party this way:

“…this ‘Tea Party’ is basically the same old angry Southern right wing nuts who were so pissed about desegregation that they switched to the Republican Party (after begruding [sic] Republicans their votes for 100 years to punish them for the Emancipation Proclamation), and who have spent most of the post-Civil War period nurturing a culture where fundamentalist Christianity is wed to a general hostility towards the nation as a whole, which they disguise as ‘patriotism’”.

The Old Man is a southerner, born and raised, but I’m not insulted by these remarks; because they’re true. The big difference in my background and most other natural-born southerners is that I’ve moved around — a lot! Not to get into those details, but I’ve lived and /or worked in dozens of places all over the face of the earth. One positive result was that my mind was broadly expanded, breaking me out of that southern “small-mind” mentality. I still do, and always will, love and appreciate my small-town values. But I realize there is a world outside of that, and, although my mother taught me to not be a racist, I’ve long since abandoned the ideas others implanted in me as a young man: that black people are beneath us.


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