What An America Would Look Like Without The EPA

August 4, 2011

Newt Gingrich says the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should be abolished, to which the GOP quickly agreed. Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina has introduced a bill that essentially does just that; at least the first step in achieving that goal. Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says she would abolish the EPA. Hence, if the GOP has its way, the EPA would cease to exist.

Welcome to an unregulated country that oil companies operate in: Nigeria.

Shell Oil Company has claimed responsibility for the spills dating back to 2008. However, in keeping with oil company policies, they grossly underreported the amount. In this case, it was 275 times more than they had previously reported. Although we’ve had our own oil spills, all grossly underreported, our country would look like Nigeria and other countries if the EPA wasn’t there to keep them in tow; at least, to a certain extent. So if you want America to look like Nigeria, Ecuador and other places, be absolutely sure you stand behind them simply because of IOKIYAR — It’s OK if you’re a Republican.


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