For Today Only, Presidential Candidate Rick Perry Wants ‘Big Government’ To ‘Increase Debt’

September 6, 2011

You may have already heard that we’re having a tough weather year here in Texas – very tough. And our governor, Rick Perry, — who’s running for President — is caught between a rock and a hard place.

First, we had a drought, which has turned into the worse in Texas history. It started in the spring of this year, with Texas being hit harder than any other state. The situation became so bad that Perry issued a proclamation to Texas residents to pray for rain; which never came. It’s gotten so bad that we’re praying for a hurricane. Now how bad is that?

One Texan said Texas looks like the moon. That’s probably a very good analogy. And in Houston, the drinking water is approaching a critical shortage.

But the worst may be yet to come. Texas Climatologist John Nielsen-Grammon says we may be in worse shape next year. But then again, Perry thinks climate scientist are a “secular carbon cult”, so what does Nielsen-Grammon know, right?

The rain shortage has created a more immediate problem: Fires. They begin earlier this year, back in April, at which time Perry asked President Obama for assistance. Now the fires are back to haunt us.

Near Austin, Texas, the city of Bastrop has already lost over 1,000 homes, and the fires are no where nearly contained. More fires are reported to be in other areas around Austin. Governor Perry has left his Presidential campaign trail to head back to Texas to deal with the situation. He asked President Obama “to issue a major disaster declaration” for the Bastrop area, which would qualify Texas for federal assistance.

While Obama should grant Perry’s request, and will be greatly amiss if he doesn’t, Perry and the Texas GOP can only blame themselves for a shortage of funds to fight the fires. In May of this year, they slashed funding for the state agency that fights wildfires by $34 million, yet had enough money to give the auto racing world $250 million.

Perry’s tough talk on “big government” and “excessive spending” is just that: talk. When it becomes personal, he wants a big government with deep pockets, and has no problems with growing the debt. He and his party are always happy when the federal government spends money in his state; especially on things they can make hay out of.


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