President Obama’s Terrorist Scorecard

September 30, 2011

The top terrorist news this morning is the killing of Anwar al- Awlaki in Yemen. He, along with several of his “staff” and other high-level terrorist members, were reportedly killed by air strikes while traveling in a motorcade. The US has yet to claim any responsibility in the strike but Yemen officials said the attack was a joint effort.

Awlaki was an American-born Muslim, but moved to Yemen when he was 7 years old. He later returned to the US where he had heavy ties to several terrorist, including members of the 9-11 attack and, more recently, Nidal Hasan, the Army psychiatrist who killed 13 people at Fort Hood in 2009. Other attackers have also been tied to him.

Awlaki’s death brings the total to 20 high profile terrorist killed under the Obama Administration, which begs the cynical question “Is Obama ‘soft’ on terrorism”?

You may recall that former mayor of New York and past presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani and others claimed that President Obama would go easy on terrorism. Of course, there were and still are many unjustified attacks on Obama, but when something like this happens the propaganda machine is cranked up and the critics (liars) are hell-bent on giving Bush the credit (Bush killed bin Laden). Other Bush allies along with Giuliani were insisting that Bush played a big roll in the killing of bin Laden; which also begs the real question “Would they have wanted to give Obama any credit had the two President’s roll been reversed?”

The following is a list of high-profile terrorist killed or captured since President Obama took office.

There have been several other less-visible leaders and operatives killed under the Obama Administration, as well as many other attempted kills and captures.