The Koch Brothers and Their Criminal Ties to Iran – UPDATE

October 2, 2011

Bloomberg Markets Magazine has a very damaging story in their upcoming issue about the Koch brothers, David and Charles Koch. Entitled “The secret sins of Koch Industries”, the article claims it “reveals that Koch Industries sold petrochemical equipment to Iran and paid bribes in six countries” as late as 2007.

From PoliticalGate:

In a bold and spectacular move, Bloomberg Markets Magazine wrote a story titled “The secret sins of Koch Industries” which does not only focus on several new revelations, but also provides a comprehensive overview about scandals of Koch Industries which happened during the last decades. The story also explicitly puts the well known political activities of the Koch Brothers in context with their highly questionable behaviour [sic] in business.

The story is a fine piece of investigative reporting and spans over 14 pages in the magazine, without the adverts. No less than 15 Bloomberg-journalists in several countries have worked on it. It is fascinating to see that such a major investigative piece about a highly political issue does appear in a business magazine and not in one of the more “traditional” political magazines or newspapers.

This is Pulitzer-Prize territory. This article is destined to make large waves, not just because of the particular revelations, but also because of the highly impressive and almost surprising depth of reporting. It is obvious that no expense was spared for this article. Next to Jane Mayer’s ground breaking piece about the Koch Brothers in the New Yorker, this article by Bloomberg Markets Magazine undoubtedly represents another PR-disaster for the Koch Brothers, and could also have severe consequences.

You can bet the phones are ringing off the hooks tonight, including those of Roger Ailes at Fox Faux, every senior Republican member of Congress and all the right-wing think tank. Of particular interest will be how the main-stream news media handles this tomorrow and over the next few days.

Update October 3, 2011

It appears that Bloomberg decided to publish the story early on line. It’s rather lengthy, as one might expect, but certainly interesting.


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