Summing the Tea Party Up in Three Paragraphs

October 4, 2011

I probably keep up with what the tea party is doing and what people are saying about them more than any other group. There’s good reason for that; in the Old Man’s eyes, they are the biggest threat to our nation — even bigger than al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda may be able to destroy some of our buildings and facilities, and kill some people. But the tea party is capable of doing what al Qaeda could never do — completely destroy our country.

Thankfully the tea party is failing (the main-stream news media insist on keeping them on life support). A World of Progress pointed out to us today just how far they’ve fell. I recall every single one of the reports Progress links to, but the one I remember the most is that the tea party is less popular than Muslims. Now that’s saying a lot when you consider the way many Americans feel about Muslims. And atheist, too!? Wow!

The following is the three opening paragraphs of the article by A World of Progress. As this post title says, it sums up the tea party yet tells the whole story.

It’s always struck me as odd that the media could portray the tea party as a “grassroots movement.” From its corporate origins on CNBC to its corporate PR backing and its even more corporate agenda, not much about it has ever seemed grassroots to me. Odder still was the portrayal of the tea party as a history-based movement, when its political icons don’t understand the history of the original Tea Party or the history it wants to appropriate.

But nothing has been stranger to me than the portrayal of the tea party as a popular popular with whom? Poll after poll has shown that the tea party agenda is incredibly unpopular with the majority of Americans. Recent surveys show that the tea party movement itself is deeply unpopular.

How unpopular? Unpopular enough that the even “much maligned” groups like atheists and Muslims are more popular than the tea party. I’ve gotta hand it to them. Frankly, I’m inclined to think I’ve got far less to fear from atheists than the tea party, but in this country it takes work to be more unpopular than atheists. So it’s no surprise that the tea party’s “unfavorables” are at an all time high.


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