What Democrats and Independents (and Maybe Some Republicans) Think of Obama

October 28, 2011

CNN and several online publications are quoting a recent Time poll (only an excerpt from the poll) which sheds a lot of light on the problem President Obama is facing with being re-elected. The answers in the poll reflect how well Obama is doing against Republican Presidential candidates vs. how Hillary Clinton would be doing if she were the Democratic nominee.

In most polls, Obama is slightly favored over the Republican candidates. However, Time’s poll revealed that not only would Clinton be beating the Republicans, she would be beating them by a very large margin.

It’s probably too late for Obama to do much of anything about his approval rating with Democrats and Independents. He’s already been tagged as the best President the Republicans have ever had, so he’s permanently lost many votes. But he should pay attention to the Time poll anyway. It sends a very loud & clear message that his 2008 supporters are very, very unhappy with him.

Having said all that, you may have noticed that the Old Man hasn’t been referencing any polls lately; even one’s that supported my point. That was a conscious decision, as it’s obvious that a majority of poll questions are designed to “lean” one way or the other. That’s amplified even more so with certain groups and/or organizations that are conducting a poll.


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