A Word about That ‘Left-Wing’ News Media We Keep Hearing About

November 14, 2011

Last night I posted a video segment from CBS’s 60 minutes about our nation’s elected official’s involvement in insider trading. Since this was obviously a serious and shocking story, I had no doubt that the other mainstream news media would be talking about it today. I was right; partially.

If you didn’t see the live broadcast or since seen the video, let me set the stage for you.

Three current members and two prior members of Congress were singled out in the report. The prior members are Judd Gregg, Republican, retired from Congress in January of this year and Dennis Hastert, Republican, once Speaker of the House who retired in 2007. The three current members are Spencer Bachus, Republican; John Boehner, Republican; and Nancy Pelosi, Democrat. All of them were found to have taken advantage of their official positions to trade in stocks. (Just so you’ll know, members of Congress have long-since exempted themselves from the law against insider trading.)

Early this morning I watched all the cable news channels. And I was right that they would report on the 60 Minutes segment. However, a strange thing happened on the way to the “truth”.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi was the only one of the five that was featured in the reporting. In most reports, she was the only one mentioned. Not one Republican was featured in anyone’s reports. Of course this came as no surprise with Fox Faux. But CNN, Headline News, MSNBC, CNBC? You know — those ‘left-wing’ news organizations we’re always hearing about from the right?

So maybe you think that 60 minutes might have featured Pelosi in the segment and only mention the others. If you do, let me debunk that with the following before you start spreading the lie.

Airtime spent on each of the five:

Nancy Pelosi: 2:00 minutes

John Boehner: 1:15 minutes

Spencer Bachus: 2:15 minutes

Dennis Hastert: 1:30 minutes

Judd Gregg: 0:18 minutes

Maybe later in the day those news channels mentioned the four Republicans (Naturally, we know Fox never did). But if so, the mindset was already instilled: ‘There goes those damn Democrats again’.

Pelosi belongs in the jail cell right next to the four Republicans. Of that, I am sure. However, by not reporting on the four Republicans, the mainstream media is “implying” that Pelosi is the only one who is guilty. But we must always remember this: Republican policies are always in line with the desires of corporate America — a club the mainstream news media belongs to.



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  1. What I find compelling is 3 of the 5 are/were Speakers of the House. Interesting post on the MSM, however. They can,t be trusted to represent anyone’s view but their own.

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