Let’s Get This Payroll Tax Cut Debacle Cleared Up

December 20, 2011

This won’t take but just a couple of minutes.

Democrats (and evidently, several Senate Republicans) want to pass a clean payroll tax cut bill, which they’ve agreed to limit to just two months. But the House Republicans, under Speaker John Boehner’s leadership, is insisting that it be for a year. Ok, everyone likes that, including President Obama. So why isn’t it working that way?


Boehner and his House colleagues are refusing to state publically why they’re really against it (you’d know that had you watched the 2-minute dog & pony show Boehner put on today with his entire House entourage standing behind him). But it’s because they want the Democrats to agree to put the Keystone XL Pipeline agreement in the bill, along with more cuts to discretionary spending. These two points are hotly debated, and the Democrats are not falling for it. So the House Republicans are more than willing to punish 150 million working Americans because they can’t get their way. That’s the very reason this Congress is the least popular Congress in history, at an 11% approval level.



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