Look What’s (Still) Missing In This Season’s GOP Presidential Primary

January 9, 2012

If you were paying close attention in 2008, there was one thing you never heard from the Republican Presidential candidates. Now everyone knew why, but the “why” was never mentioned either; at least by the GOP candidates. Now here we are deep into the 2012 campaign, and guess what? It’s still MIA in the Republican vocabulary.

How many GOP presidential debates have we had? I’ve lost track, but it has to be approaching the high-teens. And not one single candidate has touted the accomplishments of their last President, George W. Bush. Now – I – wonder – why – that – is!!

Hopefully you saw the sarcasm in that last sentence. We all know why they’re not mentioning Bush. He is the last person they want to flaunt; especially in light of the fact that every single candidate is running against the rising deficit and debt. And what exactly is Bush best known for?

Frank Bruni calls it “Bush-denuded”: To divest of covering; make bare. In plain English, it’s called convenient amnesia; quickly followed up by lies or side-stepping when questioned about Bush policies. And who could blame them — they want to be the next “Bush” in the White House.


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