GOP’s Next Step In Buying Elections: Corporate Funding of Campaigns

January 12, 2012

Last Tuesday the Republican National Committee filed a brief in the Fourth Circuit to allow corporations to directly fund federal political candidates. Currently corporations are limited to spending unlimited amounts of money on ads for their candidate or Party of choice (Republican). But if the courts grant the RNC’s request, corporations can simply stick hundreds of millions of dollars directly into the candidates “pockets”.

The following is what may be the biggest line of crap in the brief:

While the concept of corporate contributions evokes images of organizations like Exxon or Halliburton, with large numbers of shareholders and large corporate treasuries, the reality is that most corporations in the United States are small businesses more akin to a neighborhood store.

Naturally we all know what the outcome of this will be when it reaches the US Supreme Court. And no doubt that is where is will eventually land. GOP Chief Justice John Roberts and his four Republican cohorts in crime will undoubtedly rule in favor of the RNC, giving the ruling a majority. Just another step toward fascism.


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