#OccupyWallStreet: Getting Money Out of Politics – VIDEO

January 12, 2012

Maybe you know who David DeGraw is or maybe you don’t. But if you care one iota about who should be electing our politicians, you should know DeGraw. He’s been speaking out for years against money in politics, and he is one of the founding members of #OccupyWallStreet; which was planned more than a year ago.

Although there are some in #OWS who come down on the side of Democrats, DeGraw is just as critical of Democrats as he is Republicans. He, along with many of us, knows that money is at the root of Democratic evil just as it is Republican. But we also know the lion’s share of corporate money is fed into the GOP coffer, which is where a lot of #OWS anger is directed.

The following video is of DeGraw being interviewed by Dylan Ratigan, who is just as furious about money in politics as DeGraw. I encourage you to watch the video and pay close attention.


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